Coolest Exotic Pets For Kids

The amazing benefits of getting your child a pet are not hidden from anyone. It is one of the best things you can get for your child. Undoubtedly, a pet will bring immense happiness to your child. However, the advantages of having a pet are not just limited to the joy or pleasure they bring; they do much more than that. They offer many physical and mental benefits to the owner that can’t be achieved in any other way.

One of the biggest benefits a pet can offer is promoting mental development. Studies have shown that if there is a pet in the house and children are in charge of it, they tend to be more responsible and develop better care-giving qualities as compared to ones who grow up without pets. Keeping pets also helps build stronger self-esteem. If your child suffers from anxiety or depression, a four-legged (or two-legged) friend is all they need.

It is clinically proven that pets help to improve mental health and reduce anxiety. This is the reason a lot of doctors suggest keeping house pets for children who are mentally distressed or suffer from anxiety or depression. Having pets provides health benefits as well. According to studies, kids who grow up with pets are less likely to develop allergies.

Even after knowing all these amazing benefits of having a pet, many parents are skeptical about getting their child a pet, thinking that kids won’t be able to maintain or take proper care of the pet. However, the truth is if they are guided properly, kids can take care of the pet effectively. You can consider getting a less fancy pet that is easier to handle and requires less work.

Otherwise, you have the option of getting an exotic pet. These pets require maintenance. One of the biggest concerns is getting adequate nutrition for your exotic pet. You can visit for some great options. If you are looking for an exotic pet, you can check the options below to find the one that suits you the best. Continue reading to know more.

Guinea pigs

If your child is a fan of the film G-Force like most other kids, a Guinea pig will be the best choice for him. These cute little furry creatures can be your child’s best buddy. Guinea pigs are generally pretty tame and easy to handle. They rarely bite. They are known to be very responsive and interactive though. These moderately small creatures live up to eight years and can grow up to three pounds.

A good thing about guinea pigs is that they generally sleep at night and stay active during the day. This means there will be plenty of playtimes. Because their sleeping routine will sync to your child’s routine, they’ll get to spend more time together. However, it is ideal not to keep just one guinea pig. You can get two of the same gender as well, but getting them company is important.

Guinea pigs mostly eat hay. Some people also switch it up with supplemented pallets. Most importantly, you’ll need to feed them fresh food, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Guinea pigs need to have vitamin C in their daily diet; it is essential to keep them healthy and elongate their life span. The only way to source that is to provide them with fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples.


It’s very hard to find someone who doesn’t love Stuart little. This cute little dude has won hearts all over the world. You can bring your child a “Stuart Little,” and they will surely love it. Of course, it won’t sing for you and won’t call you by your first name, but they are not any less entertaining.

These little creatures are very interactive and intelligent. They are social rodents and love getting attention. They are very playful as well. Toys and puzzles alike, they like to play with everything. Generally, they don’t tend to bite, which is always a plus.

They live up to four years and can measure up to seven inches. As for food, most people depend on rodent pellets for mice. You can do the same, But don’t just stick to it. Switch it up with grains and seeds. This way, their diet won’t be monotonous. You can also feed them very small quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables every now and then. Apples and carrots would be great. Sunflower seeds are their favorite treats. These seeds provide essential nutrients as well.


Cockatiels are extremely popular as pets. They are fun, exotic, and very colorful. They are intelligent and interactive. They love to be around people and understand almost everything you do around them. The most interesting thing about them is that they are great at mimicking. They can repeat what you say. Not just speech, they repeat whistles, ringtones, and even alarms. Kids really enjoy this.

These birds are generally easily tamed. But until they are tamed, they might nip. You can easily prevent that, though. These birds love to please. If you manage to discourage them from something, they are very less likely to repeat it. 


Ferrets are the cutest little pets if you take some time out to bond with them. They are sweet, mischievous, and adorable. They love getting attention and spend the majority of their time with their owner. They tend to be very affectionate towards their owner. They love to play with toys and puzzles and enjoy socializing.

Ferrets tend to be long-time pets. They live up to 12 years and can measure up to 15 inches. For their long life, it is essential to keep them healthy. You can do that by feeding them the right food, exercising them, and of course, giving them a lot of love and attention.

To Sum Up

You won’t know how much of a difference having a pet can make in your life until you have one. So, choose one of these easy maintenance exotic pets, and enjoy the perks of being a pet owner. 


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