7 Best Devices for Kids to Use When Online Learning

Today’s learning environment has changed immensely. Students rarely sit in classrooms waiting for teachers to come to them. Technology has given learning a new shape since it is now possible to learn over video calls and receive or submit assignments via websites, apps, etc.

Consequently, the shopping cart for your kid today may not be what you usually buy. You’ll most likely budget for more devices than anything else. In this article, we look into the seven best devices you can include in your shopping cart.

Let’s get started.

1.  Razer Kiyo Webcam

Recommending a webcam for students isn’t something anyone could have thought of in the past. However, today’s technological environment has made it necessary for kids to have webcams. Your kid can clip it on top of their monitor and see everything they’re taught.

The Razer Kiyo Webcam is a great option to consider when shopping for your kids. Besides being a high-quality device, it enables HD video viewing thanks to its 4-megapixel sensor and 81.6-degree field of view. Besides, it comes with lighting abilities that make it suitable for poorly lit areas.

2. Joyusing V500 document camera

There are various types of cameras, and the document camera is one that both teachers and students may need for online learning. Even though it is perfect for teachers as it makes video capturing easy, kids may also find it a great addition to their study room because it helps them scan documents.

Remember, school instructions may require that kids scan their assignments before submitting them. If that’s the case and you haven’t invested in a document camera, submitting high-quality papers can be tricky. Besides, kids can sometimes use it to capture themselves in a video like a normal camera.

3.  Lume Cube

Another device that can help your kids learn at home perfectly is the Lume Cube. Learning can be an uphill task for your kids if their study room is poorly lit. But then, with this device, you get to add an extra source of light that will not only make studying sessions easier but productive too.

There are various reasons why you should shop for this LED light device. To begin with, it is highly compatible with a variety of devices, including laptops and desktops. It is also easy to use and comes with a LED display that makes it easy to set the amount of light you need and monitor the battery level.

4.  Soundcore Life P2 wireless buds

Your kids will also need quality audio for their learning sessions. If you think about investing in earphones, remember to choose top-quality ones. Similar to earphones for music lovers, kid’s study earphones require good sound quality, among many other features.

If you’re not yet decided, the Soundcore Life P2 wireless buds should be on your bucket list. These earbuds not only come with good audio quality but are also comfortable to wear.

Additionally, they come with a powerful battery that can last for 40 or more hours. They’ll also be excellent for you if you’re working on a budget.

5.  Samson Go Mic

You should also ensure that your kid’s audio is of high quality, like the video. Thus, you need to install a good quality mic that will produce crystal clear sound. Learning being a major purpose, you do not need to invest in a high-end mic – leave that for podcasters and other professionals.

Consider a device like the Samson Go Mic as it perfectly fits the above description. It comes in a small size that makes it highly portable and suitable for your kids.  Besides, it is highly compatible with various devices and will most likely be compatible with your kid’s device for studies.

6.  New Apple iPad 10.2

If you’re thinking about buying your kid a great device that will make learning smooth, go for the new one from Apple. As you shop, you’re looking to find a device that guarantees you good visual and audio quality. Besides, you should consider one that has excellent battery life.

This iPad from Apple fits the description of the device you should go for when shopping. It comes with a 10.2-inch Retina display that’s large enough to support your kid’s learning. It also comes with an excellent battery that will power it for 9-10 hours when fully charged. It also includes a fingerprint sensor for security and a sim card slot for the network.

7.  Blue Yeti Pro

As mentioned earlier, a microphone is a great investment for a kid’s study room. It makes remote learning more efficient and productive. Before investing in one, think about the audio quality it produces and whether it will be enough to support your kid’s learning sessions.

The Blue Yeti Pro is one of the best options you can consider when you go shopping for your kids. It is an excellent pick for many reasons, including top-notch sound quality and its value for money. Another reason to pick it is that it is highly durable and will serve your kids for almost an entire school life.


As a parent, you always want the best for your kids. But then, sometimes you’re not sure of the things that will impact their lives positively. If your kids are just getting started with online learning, buying them the best equipment will make their studies stress-free.

While thinking about what to invest in, remember to buy them a top-quality camera, iPad or tablet, microphone, earphones, and back-up lighting should their study room be poorly lit. The devices mentioned in this article will give you the value you desire for your kids.

Besides providing you with high quality, you get most of them on a budget. Expensive ones come with extra or more advanced features that make value for money possible. Also, keep durability in mind to not be purchasing the same type of device every academic year.


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