Wishing For Quality Time With The Kids? Here Are 7 Memorable Ways To Make It Happen

Spending time with your kids is important on so many levels. It can also be something that gets pushed to the back burner simply due to everyday life. Life can be busy and demanding, sometimes not leaving enough time for what matters the most. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can still experience the quality time that your whole family needs, including those seasons of life where your time is more limited. Read on for seven great ways to connect and spend time with your kids, no matter how busy your schedule is.

1. Choose and Enjoy the Anticipation of a Vacation

One of life’s greatest privileges and joys is to take a vacation. When you’re able to unplug and get away from the ins and outs of everyday life, you have a unique opportunity to connect with your kids.

While every family is unique and will have different ideas of what makes for a great vacation, finding one that has something for everyone is essential. Cruises from San Diego are a great way to cover your bases when you’re traveling with kids because there is truly something for everyone.

Once you’ve decided on your destination, have fun with it by creating a countdown. Spend time researching ways to make the most of your trip, encourage your kids to save their money to bring along and get ready for some fun.

2. Turn Regular Times Into Special Times

Sometimes the most special things are what’s right in front of you. The difference is all in how you approach it.

Think about things that you and your kids do each day but have become more routine than anything else. Imagine their excitement when they find out that there’s going to be a family sleepover in the living room tonight, or that tomorrow night everyone will be make-your-own pizza and ice cream sundaes. Turn a regular Saturday chore of washing the car into a fun event by filling a bucket with some water balloons, or take a break from raking to build a huge leaf pile that’s perfect for jumping.

3. Make a Family Date One Night a Week

Chances are you might do a double-take some weeks, looking at the calendar in shock and realizing that another one has almost come and gone. Even though the days might seem to fly by, why not break up the week by designating one night to quality time? This could be board game night, movie night or a backyard barbecue.

Having one night a week that everyone can look forward to is great for everyone. It will help to establish and maintain routine and it’s the perfect way to stay connected — even when life is busy.

4. Get Outside and Explore

Spending time outdoors is vital for mental and physical wellness. While that’s reason enough to spend more time outside, exploring new (or favorite) places in nature your family is a wonderful way to bond. Once you start hiking, make it even more fun by creating and checking off a bucket list of destinations.

5. Become Stronger Together

Do you know of any fears or worries that your kids might have? Try having conversations to identify what they might be and then work on conquering them as a team.

Maybe your daughter has a fear of the water so you make a point to spend more time in the pool, taking small steps to work through her fears. Maybe your son is worried about taking the training wheels off of his bike, so you go out of your way to make his transition to two wheels a safe and happy one.

6. Make Your House More of a Home

Your home is important; it’s the heart of your family. Finding ways to enjoy it will make it even more so.
Get your kids involved with making over their bedrooms or work on creating a playroom from an unused space. Head outside and plant a garden, start a compost pile or go all out and welcome some laying hens to your landscape.

Whatever you can do to make your house feel more like home will be more than worth it.

7. Build Your Family Tree

This is a great way to get to know your background and learn more about individual family members. It’s also an easy introduction for discussing history and geography with your kids. With so many ways to make genealogy fun, this is the perfect cozy activity that everyone in your household can be a part of.


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