Four Ways to Get Your Students Involved in the Classroom

By: Sandra Larson

There is much to say about the modern educational systems. Today they are concerned largely with online and distance education, which is a great competitor to the traditional colleges and universities. However, online classes and courses are not as efficient and fast as personal interaction with a tutor who will not only share information but also will give advice, share personal experience, and answer your questions. In some cases, a tutor will find a personal approach to every group and person. However, some professors and tutors conduct traditional education in a way far less accessible and understandable than the online equivalent courses. How can you avoid boring your students, and keep the energy and efficiency levels of auditory classes up?

Use online classroom apps

Technologies are developing every day. If you wonder how to involve learners in the assessment process, there is a clear answer. Most students keep checking notifications during the lectures and believe that there is nothing terrible about it. Today laptops, tablets, and phones are everywhere. If you want to keep the attention of your class, upgrade to an electronic level. Use online classroom applications where you can add tasks, place comments, receive essays and assignments, and keep track of deadlines and productivity. It will help you stay in touch with your students. This system will motivate you and them to be responsible and up-to-date. Instead of writing emails using official university systems, keep it more personal and create an online classroom for your class. Keep it current and digital; your students will appreciate this.

Follow trends and modern technologies

If you believe only through sharing classical knowledge can you give fundamental support for the further personal development of your students, think again. Only up-to-date information will keep a student involved. Today, with unlimited access to giant scores of knowledge, students can pay for assignments and lose interest very fast to what is old and obsolete. They will quickly replace your lectures with reading news, books, listening to webinars, and creating exciting projects. If you want to motivate a student, follow modern trends. In other words, discuss the latest news on your subject, add analytics and further perspectives of the field you are teaching, find successful people in your field and follow their activity. Once students understand how they can apply this knowledge in the real world, they will be inspired to do more research and be successful.

Be sincere and personal

If you have two hundreds of students in the classroom, this might be problematic, but if your group consists of fifteen people, you can build personal relationships with each of them. Nothing motivates a student more than having someone that is interested in his or her success. You can follow the activity of each student by following their thoughts, essays, assignments, activities in the classroom, and personal interests. Encourage them to use apps to ensure completely original work. When needed, you can give advice, express commendation, or answer disturbing questions. When doing so, you will never have to worry about seeing your students submitting plagiarized papers downloaded on the internet.

Show a good example, share life experience

Student involvement in the classroom will increase if you share your personal story of success. Yes, most teaching programs don’t allow tutors to be personal. However, nothing motivates students better than a successful person sharing the secrets of happiness and professional success. You don’t have to tell the story of your life; share a few highlights of your life which you consider to be the best achievements of your life. It will give your students an understanding of who is teaching them and offer them motivation to have the same success. Showing a good example can also involve sharing an experience of another person. Give your students an understanding that everything is possible by introducing people who are successful.

Bottom line

If you wonder how to get students involved in your classroom, here are some tips for doing so: use online classroom trackers, stay updated, try to build personal relationships, and show a good example. These tips will make students want to be on time every morning, never violate deadlines, submit high quality essays and research works written from scratch, and work hard to be successful and happy. Knowledge and study can be inspiring. It opens doors to new worlds of professional and personal development, confidence, joy, achievements, and inspiration. Your task as a tutor is to show the way to these doors and help students to open them.

About the author:
Sandra Larson is a researcher and blog post writer. She specializes in motivation, leadership, education, and personal progress. In her articles, she tries to remind people apparent things they for some reason forget or not use in practice. Every person can find useful information in her pieces.


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