Technology Has Made it Easy to Learn Chinese and Languages

Learning Chinese is now easy with how advancing technology has revolutionized online learning.  For those who want to learn Chinese or any other new language, technology can help.  While some areas in the education realm need more exploration, modern inventions have improved learning quality and efficacy, which is ideal for those who want to learn Chinese and other foreign languages.

Online tutoring is among the many facets of education that have benefited greatly from advancing technology. As students increasingly get comfortable using computers, traditional classroom settings are on the decline. Below are ways modern technology has made tutoring easier for students and tutors.

Increased Accessibility

Advancing technology has made tutoring accessible to anyone. Unlike before, tutoring providers can now partner with various schools nationwide, making it easier for millions of students who want to learn Chinese and other languages to access quality academic programs. Tutoring platforms are designed to ease access, and learners can join the programs with a few clicks. For instance, you can learn Chinese in 1 minute from this platform with a few clicks.

Special accessibility features on tutoring platforms attributed to advancing technology include screen-reading software compatibility, tutoring without audio and visual chat for camera-shy students, and more. Students can also access readily available classes at any time or place.

Tutoring Platforms Now Support Live Audio and Video

Initial tutoring platforms were exclusively chat/text-based, which was very limiting. Teaching complicated subjects like Geometry without showing pictures or diagrams was challenging. Establishing student-tutor rapport, even for less-complicated subjects, was also difficult. If learners had challenges typing, communicating anything they’ve learned was frustrating or impossible.

Most students, regardless of their age and learning curve, benefit from face-to-face interactions. Fortunately, modern tutoring platforms support live audio and video teaching, making it easy for students to interact and remain engaged. For instance, those who want to learn Chinese benefit from real-time communication with their tutors, which promotes better understanding.

More Opportunities for Collaboration

Advancing technology has also made it easy for tutors and learners to collaborate. Early tutoring platforms had very few tools with limited functionality. They only allowed students and tutors to type messages and upload files.

Most of these platforms were asynchronous, meaning students could leave a message for tutors to follow up later. However, modern platforms provide endless collaborative learning tools, which make it easier to learn Chinese and complete other courses. Most platforms have interactive tools, such as:

  • Screen sharing abilities
  • Virtual whiteboards
  • Live audio and video chats
  • Text editors
  • Drawing tools
  • Integration with other software
  • Code editors
  • Scientific calculators

Boosts Knowledge Retention

Kids currently are adept and exposed to various technologies, probably due to the continuous proliferation of technological devices that young children can use. Millennials are not afraid of interacting with technology, which makes it easier to tutor them using modern programs and applications.

With online tutoring software, students can easily access learning materials and resources on the go. This boosts their interest in various subjects and their ability to retain what they’ve learned. It also makes learning new languages enjoyable. Online tools also allow learners to access learning resources, such as lesson plans, notes, tests and quizzes, homework, and other learning materials they’d want to review later.

Fun and Interactive Classes

Online tutors can use various technologies to make their sessions fun and interactive. Technological advancements that can keep students engaged include:

  • Use of video lectures to increase student attentiveness
  • Animated videos, especially for concepts that are better taught with visualization
  • Use of buzzers, puzzles, and quizzing apps to make learning sessions lively and interactive
  • Animation and 3D models
  • Educational gaming applications

Simplified Tutor-learner Collaboration

Online tools like Google Sheets and Trello have made it easier for tutors to communicate and collaborate with their students in many areas, such as setting timetables, discussions, assignments, and learning projects. Tutors can use these technological tools to do the following:

  • Set project timelines and track student activity in real-time
  • Assign students tasks and homework
  • Share feedback and discuss with students areas that require improvement
  • Invite parents and other facilitators to view students’ progress

Simplified Systematic Student Assessment and Tracking of Progress

Advancing technology has also made it easier for tutors to assess their students’ progress in real-time. Tutors can take advantage of several online assessment tools to monitor students’ performance. Below are a few ways technology has simplified assessment and performance tracking:

  • Use of online objective assessments
  • Generate automated graphs and charts that evaluate students’ progress in various periodic assessments
  • Use online tools that maintain every student’s performance records over the learning period.

Expanded Learning Options for Students of All Ages

While formal education has been around for centuries, learning was limited to students of specific age groups. Education for specific age groups was not available until recently. Advanced countries started supporting adult education programs three or four decades ago. However, currently, everybody understands the importance of education in providing better opportunities in life.

An Economic Policy Institute survey found a significant pay gap between high school diploma graduates and college graduates. On average, college graduates earn more than 56% above high school graduates. However, with the introduction and continuous adoption of online education, more people can work while pursuing their studies, regardless of the nature of their work and family schedules. Online learning tools allow interested adults to learn from the comfort of their homes at their preferred pace.

Creation of Personalized Courses

Advancing technology has also made it easier for tutors to create personalized courses. Unlike before, the online classes realm is booming, and more tutors have delved into the business of creating online courses for students. Using various tools, tutors can record presentations and video lectures and upload other learning materials into their courses. The personalized course that allows students to learn Chinese is a perfect example of this.


Technology is essential in most sectors, including education. Unlike before, parents don’t have to be wealthy to afford private tutoring lessons. Lessons are currently available to anyone at affordable rates.


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