Classroom Apps for Children, Parents and Teachers

The education sphere can benefit greatly from the digital world as it makes a lot of things easier in the much faster educational and learning process today.

Looking up an unknown word in the library or copying an entire document by writing is the old school way. We are provided with websites, programs and Classroom Apps so that students as well as teachers can benefit from the evolution of technology and its gifts. It simplifies and brings a diverse studying process to schools and students. Modern technology makes working in the classroom colourful too with the use of computers, tablets, smartphones and similar devices for educational purposes. Some of the most popular apps that can be used in the classroom include Math Playground, BYJU’s-The learning App, Lightbot : Programming Puzzles and Khan Academy.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great learning tool for the students to use in and outside the classroom. It can be accessed anywhere provided you have an internet connection. Each student has their own account and they can choose from a variety of subjects like Math, Science, Economics, History and much more study content in various spheres. When the students sign in on their dashboard, they will see a list of topics they can work on, as well as recommended topics that appear on the top of the screen. The list will vary from student to student as each child’s level of learning and improvement can be monitored by the app and suggestions are made accordingly.  The students can earn badges and points, which will motivate them to beat their peers in the class and to continue to work on more tests and activities provided in each lesson. When students are stuck with a question or problem they can watch the video with the lesson for help or take a hint. This will help with self-learning and give the teacher time to work with students individually as well. The teacher will also be able to monitor and track what the students did in the class in real time and afterward, making sure students are all on task as well. There are features in the app that give students a chance to go back through past materials and have more practice as it is easier and fun to learn in this way. Redesigned navigation and search engines make it faster to find what you want and options also include learning in offline mode. Bookmarks in the app present easy access to come back to points you want to review and the offline syncing will always keep the data up-to-date in the

2. Math Playground

This math app has some great games for math practice; students will enjoy time on math playground with a wide variety of math related games to choose from. The cool math games help children to understand the most used mathematical operations in a fun way which will be easier for students to grasp. Students will easily learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide with an interface that is designed especially for smaller children. It contains funny images so that the training takes place in a friendly learning environment. After each exercise the student will move further to more complex levels of questions and keep improving in the topic selected. There are dozens of exercises in which different options are available at just one click. Besides playing they can also review the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables that are given in the app. This app can be used in primary schools as mathematics and the entire app is prepared for the first contact of the child with the subject and makes math as pleasant as possible.

3. Lightbot: Programming Puzzles

Light-bot is a versatile app as an introductory practice to coding in primary grades, it provides tutorials in 4 different languages (English, French, Portuguese and Russian) and it can be set up very easily. It is a free app and it can be used in the class individually, in small groups or even as a whole class. Students are kept engaged very quickly with the interesting challenges, and it also encourages the students to learn and progress at their own pace. Teachers need a variety of tools to reach a variety of learners with the push to get students programming. New programming concepts transfer well to actual coding. Completing each level will unlock the next. Kids who keep taking on challenges in the app will develop a pretty deep understanding of programming concepts. Teachers can now offer kids a choice of several programming games or introduce a new game periodically. Light-bot introduces looping and procedures and the design have separate folders for each programming skill which makes things clearer and easier for students.

4. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a safe and simple communication app for teachers, parents, and students where a positive classroom culture can be built by the involvement of all three participant parts. It works on all devices and is a free app too. This app can tighten the feedback loop between teacher, student, and parent. And by offering a quick, easy way for teachers to note behaviors as they happen, ClassDojo allows teachers to gather more data about individual students and give them feedback nearly instantaneously. Students can easily add their classwork to digital portfolios that they own and their parents can see them instantly. Each student’s points can be displayed via a smart board, and teachers can generate reports to send home to parents. ClassDojo products are being used by two million teachers and thirty million students across 180 countries in the world. One out of every three classrooms in the U.S. is known to use ClassDojo for easy form of work completion and communication as a classroom society.

5. DIY – Get skills. Be awesome

This app helps students explore their individual interests and engage in student driven learning and work.  The app provides structure and educational opportunities while it is fun for the kids. It is a fantastic way for students to engage in work as they are able to search topics they are interested in and explore how other students have done projects related to these topics. Further, students can create their own videos and pictures and share them with others on the app. There are different challenges students can choose to participate in and earn badges for. This app is a great way to get students thinking, creating, and innovating! It is also a good way to help them develop technological skills and interact appropriately and respectfully with others online. It is a kid-friendly app, and you will not have to worry about inappropriate images

6. BYJU’S – The Learning App

This Learning app is designed by India’s Best Teachers and it is most voted for its neat and interesting video lessons that help enhance the knowledge on the particulars topics. Every topic includes many sub-topics with detailed explanation for children. It also includes quizzes and games that increase IQ skills. The unique video class modules give a complete understanding of even the most complicated concepts in simple ways. The modules provide complete coverage of all state-level Boards, ICSE and CBSE syllabus for class 10, 9, 8 and 7 and is planned in a way to cater the needs of every student’s personal needs with adaptive learning modules. The App also provides the option to view detailed analysis of your progress and performance which will help you plan even better and improve your performance. Byju’s app will also help CAT exam aspirants with video lectures and a complete test series Full Length Mock tests.

7. Seesaw: The Learning Journal

This digital portfolio is for students of all ages, it assists in documenting and sharing what students learn at school. Students of any age can sign up and make use of the photographs, videos, drawings, text notes, links or PDFs. Students can also store and upload similar study materials in their digital portfolio. There are also options to directly import materials from over 100 other apps. It can be then organized and accessed by the student from any other device too. Teachers are provided with the facility to browse work by a single student or from the entire class and flag items in the digital portfolio for follow up or review at parent-teacher meetings. There are also options to include families in the learning process by inviting them to view updates to their child’s Seesaw journal. Seesaw’s visual updates notify parents who will be able to see these updates too. The app provides encouragement for students, and cross language barriers. Seesaw gives students a genuine crowd of peers and parents with real feedback and better encouragement. The likes and comments option available are for feedback to the students but teachers can control who can see what, and what feedback options are available too.

8. Extramarks – Solutions for Teachers, Students, Parents and Schools

The Extramarks App is a complete educational tool that puts learning at kids’, parents’, and teachers’ fingertips. It provides a smooth educational experience with its interactive UI and personalized learning strategy. Through cutting-edge technology and adaptive learning methods, this smart class app aims to make learning more entertaining and efficient, assuring a greater comprehension of academic subjects. Covering a wide range of academic disciplines, it is designed to meet the needs of numerous education boards, including CBSE, ICSE, state boards, and international curricula. The software includes interactive study materials, animations, virtual laboratories, practice papers, and quizzes to assist students in efficiently grasping ideas. It makes use of adaptive learning approaches to personalize learning routes depending on individual learning styles and skills. Parents and teachers can use the app to track student progress, assign tasks, and provide additional support. The Extramarks App aims to revolutionize education by making learning accessible, enjoyable, and personalized for every learner.


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