5 Things To Consider Before Hiring An Online Private Tutor For Your Child

After enrolling your child in school, you should also consider a private tutor. Students can work with the best educators at schools, but they won’t get the special and private attention required to really excel. In a class full of 25+ students, teachers find it challenging to pay attention to students individually. As you know, not everyone will grasp new subjects at the same speed. Some will do it fast, while others might take longer.

An online private tutor can be a great answer for those looking to move ahead or for students that are already falling behind and need more one-to-one attention. Students will learn the basics at school and get complimentary help from teachers, but tutors will help to better explain the subjects after class. Parents can only do so much. Time is limited, and let’s face it, some of the subjects the children are learning are tough! So, if you would like to boost your child’s education, consider these five significant elements before opting for tutoring.

1. Always aim for a verified tutor

Before you hire an online, private tutor, confirm the tutor’s reputation by asking for a few testimonials and proof of address. If you decide to do it in a physical office, rather than online, be sure that the tutoring session is conducted in the presence of at least one member of the family or trusted family friend. 

When exposing your children to new experiences and people, remember that everything (and everyone) must focus on your child’s safety.

2. Be sure to identify the appropriate goals

Do you want your child to ace the next test or learn how to read better? Is there a specific skill you would like them to focus on? If your main goal is to help your child pass a specific test or course, speak to the tutor, and list the goals for each session.

If you are looking for performance and learning goals, learning needs to be prioritized over performance as knowledge will always lead to better performance, and it will also happen at its own pace.

3. Engagement

Another significant element that parents should look for is engagement. When choosing a private tutor, students must also be actively involved in creating practical tasks. Sitting silently when the tutor speaks will not be beneficial in the long term. Good tutoring is not just about the tutor teaching the student, but about engagement.

Always look for tutors who know the importance of follow-up questions. It will engage students’ reflexions and problem-solving skills. Sometimes, students will ask for help to get accurate answers on a given problem, but they might make mistakes on how to follow up. So, look for tutors who consider all aspects of teaching for your child’s best interests.

4. Experienced tutors

Before you hire an online tutor, you must confirm that the chosen company or private educator has enough knowledge and expertise about the subject they are about to teach. The tutor must be resourceful and offer the appropriate guidance, tasks and expert assistance to the student’s needs. A French tutor may or may not have experience teaching math, so confirm the tutors strengths and scope of education before you decide to proceed.

To better understand the tutor’s experience, you can ask questions on the topic or subject that they will teach your children, or maybe ask for references. Some tutors might even offer a demo class to see if they can showcase their teaching methods. If so, then you are on the right track!

5. The ultimate compatibility check is crucial

The last point to consider before hiring a private tutor is to be sure that the student is always comfortable. A demo class is an excellent opportunity to verify the compatibility between students and teachers. There are higher chances that students will learn to love the subject if the session is entertaining and teachers are compassionate and friendly. Tutoring should be enjoyable and should help your children with their studies if the match is good.

If you follow these 5 simple tips, you will be doing a great service for you child. If you are looking for a reputable online tutor for your kids, contact the Strategic Learning Clinic, as they have been tutoring students since 1989, and known to be some of the best in the industry. David Schipper and his team of educators, has the experience to provide your kids with the necessary tools that will have them fall in love with additional and engaging learning.


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