7 Ways Kids Benefit From Tutoring

There are many benefits for which tutoring is gaining increasing attention worldwide.

Yet, some parents are still skeptical about it. They see tutoring as a crutch that is reserved for only ‘struggling’ students. But they couldn’t be more wrong.  

In reality, tutoring is a supplementary educational activity. It not only helps kids understand the concepts taught at school better, but also allows them to explore and learn topics they can’t learn at school.

Here’s a look at seven notable reasons why a tutor is one of the best investments you can make for your child.

1.  It’s convenient and flexible

One of the most salient benefits of tutoring is the convenience and flexibility that it offers, especially if you choose online tutoring.

There is no time wasted in commuting to and from your sessions as all of them can be attended from the comfort of your home. You also have the liberty to schedule these sessions whenever you’re available. This flexibility is extremely valuable if you have a busy schedule.

Another benefit of online tutoring is that it offers wider tutor and learning program options. You’re not restricted to a certain locality. Online learning platforms like Cluey Learning connect you to tutors from all over the world, exposing you to a wide range of cultures.

This helps your child become more tolerant and open to co-existence. Plus, you’re not restricted to specific subjects (and topics) with tutoring.

2.  It provides individualized attention

Every child is different and intelligent in their own way. Some are quick learners and don’t have a problem picking up concepts in a classroom, while others need more time and attention to understand the same.

For a classroom teacher who handles up to 30 students in a single class, it is very difficult to give personalized attention and care to every student, which can cause some students to feel neglected and left behind.  

This is where private tutoring can be of immense help. A tutor doesn’t have to deal with 30 other students at the same time and can focus on assisting only your kid. This not only helps your child keep up with the class, but also allows them to master the areas they struggle with (improving exam performance).

If you’re unsure about whether your child needs individualized attention, here are 6 signs that tell you they need a tutor.

3.   It encourages questions

For many students, asking questions in a class is not the easiest thing to do. Some fear being judged by their peers while others are too anxious to draw attention to themselves. And not asking questions prevents them from learning through active discussion. This in turn adversely affects their academic performance.

On the other hand, tutoring provides students a safe space where they can ask any question over and over again until there is no confusion left. They can do this without the fear of other students calling them names or labeling their questions as ‘dumb’. You might think this is trivial, but asking questions is a crucial part of learning.

4.  It offers direct feedback

Students often have a hard time figuring out where they went wrong on a test (and how they can do better next time).

For example, in a math question, not getting the right answer even after several tries can frustrate a student. If students go to their teacher at school, they would receive rushed feedback because there is a long queue of confused students out there.

However, with only a single student to handle, tutoring guarantees consistent, personalized, and immediate feedback, which helps students understand concepts better.

5.  It allows self-paced learning

Schools have a set syllabus to finish within a specified period, and teachers often have to rush to achieve this.

This constraint has two main effects. First, it doesn’t allow teachers to account for every kid’s individual learning pace. Every student has to somehow keep up with the class’s pace, regardless of their learning ability.

Second, it doesn’t allow the instructors to always delve deeper into topics (because they have to cover the entire syllabus and can’t spend a lot of time on a single topic). This can make learning uninspiring. 

With tutoring, however, the instructor doesn’t necessarily have to cover the entire syllabus and can just stick to the topics that your child wants to study.

This allows the student to set his own pace and spend more time on topics that they find difficult, learning on a deeper and more interesting level.

6.  It improves study habits

Kids, when left on their own, are not very responsible. They don’t always come back home and revise their schoolwork or complete their homework on time.

But hiring a tutor fixes a time for your child’s after-school study. They know they have to spend some time understanding their classwork, completing their assignments, or simply studying something that interests them every day.

Since your child shares these learning sessions with a tutor, they don’t become bored and can’t simply procrastinate their way through it.

This consistency allows students to master their concepts, which is a building block for future academic success.

To learn more about how to instill good study habits in your kid, click here.

7.  It boosts confidence and motivation

As discussed above, tutoring will polish your child’s academic skills in various ways. And this will eventually lead to improved academic grades and a firmer grip over subject matter.

This will instill newfound motivation and confidence in your child, which may prove crucial for their future success.

Also, when your child will watch their hard work achieve astonishing results, they will develop a passion for lifelong learning. And once they do this, there is no stopping them from achieving remarkable academic and professional achievements down the line.

If you want to help your child channel their confidence into trying out new things, check this out.


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