Building Confidence and Self Esteem in Children – Tips

How to build confidence and self-esteem in children is a big question before every parent who likes to grow their children as successful and confident individuals. This section of Kids world fun’s post is solely discussing tips which help build confidence and self-esteem in children.  

Self-esteem and confidence is a protective element for your child against any challenging environment. If your child knows his strengths and weaknesses, he will get easier to deal with conflicts and negative pressure in future life. A confident child sees things in a positive way and a good self-esteem helps him to achieve more and he will be able to maintain healthy relationships in social life.

Here are some tips which help you develop self-esteem and confidence in your children, so that they can succeed in various levels of life.

  1. Make your child aware of his responsibility. Do it yourself strategy is a good way to improve self-esteem and confidence in children. Give your children some tasks as per their age and ask them to do these tasks on a routine basis. For example you can ask him to do some simple tasks such as put his toys in a basket, put dirty clothes in a basket, clean and set the dinner table or to take care of his favorite pet. Give them more responsible tasks as they get older and they will recognize your trust in them and it will definitely boost up his esteem.
  2. Help your kids to make their own decisions. Rather than just assigning tasks to finish, encourage your child to think or do when something is found undone. You need to empower him in making decisions and how to deal with various difficult situations. Give him the right to take his own choices and decisions. This will improve his belief in himself and also teach him the advantages of taking good decisions as well as the disadvantages of the wrong ones.
  3. Always try to create a loving and safe home environment for your children. It is a common fact that children with unhappy home atmosphere show very poor confidence and self-esteem. Other factors such as problems in school, abuse by others and trouble with friends also affect child’s self-esteem. Always encourage your children to talk freely to you or other trusted family members about any problems they are facing. As a parent it is your duty to build strong and positive social relations for your child. Children with a strong family network always grow up positive and confident individuals.
  4. Be involved with your child. Parents should be involved in whatever matters to their children. Encourage your child when he/she finishes games, riding a toy car for the first time or sit near him while he playing games. Your attention and time is really valuable for your child. This will definitely increase bonding between parent and child and he will also learn to believe in himself.
  5. Praise your children for their efforts. Praise your child for all the positive efforts he or she makes. Through this way the child will get pride in his own achievements and he will realize that doing his best is more significant than just losing or winning. You can use a sticker chart with happy faces and stick them on a calendar when your kid has done something wonderful or something new. Give your child a special treat when the stickers accumulated to a specific number.
  6. Encourage your children. Every child is different and you need to encourage your children to act according to their personality and strength. Provide your children with opportunities and challenges that suitable for their age level and help them to attain their potential. Encourage them to participate in various activities to ensure cooperation instead of just competition. This will improve their competence levels and also will boost their self-esteem.

Children need opportunities to develop their own confidence and self-esteem. With proper encouragement and attention, they will find out their capabilities and understand how to come over their weaknesses. Parents and teachers have a significant role to play and influence children. So they should be good role models to children. Find resources for parents and teachers.

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