How To Help Kids Gain The Confidence To Try New Things?

As a parent, while your primary role is to instil the right values in your child, helping them gain confidence should also be a part of their upbringing. Most kids fear the unknown, and some lack the confidence to try new things.

Early childhood is often the right time when you need to make an effort to remove this fear so that your child can learn new things. Besides, learning something new helps build a child’s self-esteem. Fear is indeed a normal response, but how you help overcome the fear plays a significant role.

You need to have a patient approach to make your child understand the best lessons of life. It is ok if your child feels anxious, as anxiousness is a sign of growth. But, excessive fear can leave them vulnerable at times. Here, overcoming fear and learning new concepts will help develop their personality. Moreover, most kids are talented than they realize, and as a parent, it is your responsibility to help them discover new dimensions.

Ways to Help Kids Gain Confidence to Try New Things

1. Remind them they can

When your kid comes and tell you, ‘I did this on my own’ – it is only natural to feel proud of their accomplishments. It also makes your kid super happy. If you see your kid struggling with something, remind them about the past wins or achievements. Apart from this, it is vital to discuss the ‘I did it’ moments with your kids, so they feel motivated to try new things. In addition, tell them to create an ‘I can’ jar. Give your kid a blank paper and have them write down the things they achieved and things they would like to accomplish.

2. Set the right goals

Setting the right goals ensures that your kid never loses track of things. It is a powerful skill to boost the self-esteem of your kid. You can plan out goals using four significant steps:

  • Discover the ideas for goals and start with one goal at a time.
  • Create an action plan for the goal – how to go about achieving it.
  • Consider what your kids like. This will motivate them to achieve the goal faster.
  • The last step is to reflect on the plan you created i.e. what is your kid learning from it?

Keep a diary or journal to help your little one achieve these steps.

3. Celebrate their wins

Most kids suffer from anxiety issues while talking or performing on stage. The same goes with learning a new musical instrument or doing something out of their comfort zone. So, whenever your kid overcomes anxiety and performs well on stage or in daily life – it is time to celebrate.

Celebrating their wins will make your kid more confident to try new things in the future. Some of the things that you can do includes:

  • Treat them on every achievement – it may be small. But by celebrating, you will make them feel special.
  • Also, be sure to praise your child on the result and not only the process.

4. Try new things together

You are a role model for your kid. Whatever you do, your child will emulate. So, try new things together to increase their exposure to new activities.

For example, most kids have a fear of swimming. You can go with your child in the pool until they feel confident to swim alone.

Besides, learning is a lifelong pursuit, and it can be fulfilling for a child when a parent is involved in the process. You can let your kids pursue new activities and ask them what they are inclined to do. Once they gain confidence, they will open up on their own.

5. Positive self-talk

The Internet has changed the way kids do things. Most kids are glued to a tablet or phone the whole day. If you want them to try new things, you need to limit their screen time. The virtual world is different from the real world, so your kids must indulge in real activities.

Give them positive self-talk about life and things they can do. Stay away from self-deprecating comments like ‘ you can’t do this or ‘you are good for nothing’. These comments can affect their mental state. To put it simply, to make your kids understand, focus on positive comments rather than negative ones.

Make the right effort

Your words and actions matter the most, so be careful what you say or how you act in front of your kids. Don’t be overprotective and let your child explore new things. If you’re overly critical, it may dampen the spirit of your child. Besides, it is vital to focus on self-esteem and confidence. Prepare them for situations so that they don’t fear things. Lastly, constantly motivate them to try out new things.


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