5 Ways to Reward Your Child for Having Good Behavior

Good behavior can be termed as proper conduct in children. Well-behaved children are kind, honest, and polite and practice good table manners while eating their meals. Most parents want their kids to behave properly, but they don’t know how to go about teaching their kids to behave well, especially when their first child begins to misbehave. Good behavior is usually cultivated in a child and encouraged as the child grows by rewarding positive behavior. Below are some of the rewards that you can use to reward your child for good behavior.

1.  Spend Time with Your Child

The most valuable asset that everyone in this world yearns for is time and attention. As a parent, once you recognize that your child is behaving properly, you can increase the time you spend with your child. Remember, in rewarding your child using your time and attention; you have to make sure that your spend adequate time with your kid and not just a few minutes.

You will have to spend your time with your child playing with their toys or helping them with their homework. This will make your child feel loved and appreciated and not want to do things that may annoy you in return. Spending time with your child will reward them and give you the chance to know your child better and thus know how you can deal with them to encourage good behavior.

2.  Cook Their Favorite Meal

Every child has a favorite meal that they love eating. Thus once you have recognized good behavior in your child, prepare their favorite dish, serve them, and while they are eating, let them know why you prepared the meal for them. Definitely by this time you child knows that some meals are reserved for a special occasion and thus preparing such a meal on an ordinary day will ring an alarm in their minds. Let your child know that you appreciate the improvement in their behavior and want them to continue behaving well.

Moreover, instead of preparing your child’s favorite dish from your home, you may consider placing an order for the meal online or rather take the child into their favorite motel for the treat. This will make the best memories for your kid, and they will do everything in their power to behave properly.

3.  Tangible Rewards

There are various types of rewards that we can use to motivate positive behavior in children, namely intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Extrinsic rewards are tangible rewards that your child can see and relate with through playing, touching, eating, etc. On the other hand, intrinsic rewards are rewards that will appeal to the inner senses of the child and make them feel respected, wanted, and cherished.

There are several tangible rewards that you can give to your child, such as trophies, toys, new clothes, shoes, play stations, books, bicycles, etc. Tangibles rewards are effective not only in motivating good behavior but also in sharpening the creative and thinking skills of the child as they play with the rewards you gave them.

4.  Monetary Rewards

As your child grows up, money begins to become of essence to them. Your child may require money to buy snacks as they walk from school to home. However, the child does not have any source of income and thus depends on you for their pocket money. In this case, you have control over the child’s money, and you can give them more pocket money when they behave well and thus encourage positive behavior.

Besides this, giving money to a child at an early age helps them develop good financial skills such as saving. Moreover, giving a child money helps them improve their decision-making skills, and at an early age, you can determine your child’s spending habits and change them for the best before it is too late.

5.  Outdoor Trips

Outdoor activities provide children with an opportunity to exercise their muscles as they run and jump in the open spaces. During outdoor activities, children are not limited by the congested schools and houses that we live in today, and they have the freedom to play freely as you watch them at a distance. Some of the best outdoor activities you can consider to reward your kid include bike riding, camping, visiting a game park or museum, etc.

To make the outdoor activities even more interesting for the well-behaved children, make sure you consult with them on the places they would want to visit. Besides this, you can ask your friends with well-disciplined children to join you in the outdoor activities, and this makes your day more interesting.

There is much to cover when it comes to rewards that a parent can use to reward positive behavior in a child. In this blog, you will find some of the basic rewards that will reward and motivate your child to continue behaving well.


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