Best USA Routes and Itineraries for Families

Do you feel like you can finally relax? Okay, the reality is that the pandemic isn’t completely over, but we honestly feel that we entered a period when we can finally return to things that make us happy! One of the things we love to do whenever there is a chance for it is travel. Do you enjoy it, too?  In that case, you must be thrilled because there is no better occasion for traveling than holidays! Okay, we admit that not everyone enjoys winter trips. In that case, maybe you can use some of our tips to plan your next spring family trip. But if winter is mild where you live or where you want to go, or you are super passionate about winter activities, you might get some family trip ideas for the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  Let’s have a look!

Best Family Trip Ideas

Point Reyes, Coastal California

If you are not dreaming of a white Christmas this year but want to enjoy a wonderful family holiday, then we propose Point Reyes, California. The weather is perfect, although this time of year it might be too much to swim. But if you surf, you might want to visit the famous Dillon beach, a spot highly valued by surfers.  Keep in mind that the undercurrents are pretty strong; hence, the young one should remain on the sand. They will love it because the beach has giant dunes, which provide a fun experience.

Eureka, California

Are you longing for family trip activities that will bring you close to nature? In that case, we can’t recommend anything better than a visit to Sequoia Park Zoo. Kids will not only be awed by the sights of giant trees but also by all those animals and their habitats that engage with woods. Additionally, we recommend that you stop for delicious ice cream at Bon Bonaire. For dinner, you can go to The Samoa Cookhouse, where you will be able to enjoy classic family-style meals.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Look, yeah, we know – many folks associate Vegas with casinos,  getting married by Elvis Presley, games like Leo Vegas, etc.,  and don’t dream of visiting it with children. However, if you are feeling a bit adventurous and you decide to take a family trip to Las Vegas, you need to know that the city has much more to offer than you could imagine.  One of the family activities to do in Vegas that you shouldn’t miss is a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.  If you are an adventure junkie, then we recommend a visit to Red Rock Canyon, too, where you can enjoy hiking, climbing, etc.  Then when you want to feel some adrenaline rush, our suggestion is to check out the indoor skydiving, and Adventuredome theme park.

Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Take the impressive Moose Wilson road and head towards Grand Teton National Park. Once you get there, look for bears, moose, and bald eagles. The experiences of seeing those wild animals up close will change your and your children’s lives.  If you like westerns, then you will enjoy visiting a shootout at a Town Square inspired by a well-known cowboy battle between a local villain Clover the Killer, and the honorable Cache Creek Posse sheriff.

Salem, Massachusetts

This will be an exciting trip whether you are in for a spooky adventure or want your girls to learn more about women’s history and the horrific 1692 Salem witch trials. The town provides several must-see spots such as the Salem Witch Museum, the Witch House, where one of the lead judges, Jonathan Corwin, used to live.  Regardless of whether you are attracted by facts or fantasy, Salem is one of the must-visit family trip destinations.

Atlanta, Georgia

If you have a tight family trip budget for this year and you can visit only one place, we recommend going to Atlanta. The city is home to the largest aquarium in the world, and seeing it is worthwhile. The best thing is to go on weekends and start the tour as early as possible to avoid the crowds. Also, we recommend that you buy the tickets online.  The children will be thrilled by the Dolphin Tales, which include talented actors, a group of real dolphins, and an orchestra.

Bottom Line

We arrived at the end of our list of suggestions for a family trip! We chose these places as we found the most interesting. However, it is essential to know that the list is inexhaustible, as there are plenty of other places that are waiting for you and your family! Do you like road trips? Where are you planning to go next? Have you visited some of the places we listed?

Author’s bio: Scott Carrion is a freelance writer and analyst focusing on business and marketing. His Master’s degree in Business research from Curtis L. Carlson School of Management has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He works closely with B2B and B2C companies providing useful and engaging content that can convert viewers into customers. His favorite way to spend holidays and vacations – visiting new countries.


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