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According to different psychological surveys, anxiety is children’s most common mental health condition. It affects up to 20 percent of kids aged 8 to 12 and is more common in boys than girls. Anxiety can be a serious problem for kids—and it may even lead to depression later on in life if left untreated. But there are ways you can assist your child in dealing with anxiety. Besides, these ways will help your kid cope with their feelings without being afraid or ashamed. And one of the proven ways is anxiety books for children.

Now, if you’re looking for books that will give your child tips on managing their feelings, look no further! Here is the list of books on childhood depressionfrom which you can choose the best and the most suited. So, let’s begin!

Mental Health Books For Kids

To make your child cope with the real world without being mentally disturbed, you must go through this list of books.

A Friend Like Henry

The most important thing about this book is that it’s fun. Henry’s story is told in a way that will entertain your kids and make them feel more comfortable talking about their anxiety. The illustrations are colorful and inviting, encouraging kids to take control of their emotions by using Henry as a role model and learning to talk through their feelings with him.

Henry encourages children who are feeling anxious to open up because he understands what they’re feeling and can help them work through it together. In addition, parents can use this book as an opportunity to discuss the management of emotions when they get out of control, so it doesn’t become too much for others around us!

Andie & the Worries – Anxiety Book For Children

While Silver Lining Stuffies is no way a replacement for professional treatment, they provide important coping tactics within their set of mental health resources for children. This features:

  • Mindfulness For Children
  • Relaxation Techniques For Kids
  • Books For Overactive Kids
  • Books On How To Deal With Anxiety
  • And Books On Childhood Depression – All Of Them Being Growth Mindset Books For Kids

One of the best anxiety books for children they offer is “Andie & the Worries.” In this book, the author has used an elephant character— Andie, to make the kids learn to manage their worries. They described that Andie has a great life with friends and family in the jungle. But he worries a lot. They further show Andie dealing with the anxiety either by digging a worrying hole or by practicing mindfulness. In either case, he is able to put worries aside with the help of friends and family. Thus, making this book ideal for the child facing anxiety.

Stop And Breathe & Think!

Stop and Breathe & Think! is a powerful book that helps children learn to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. The book teaches kids how to be more mindful of their thoughts, feelings, and actions by helping them understand that they can choose how they feel. It also teaches them the importance of being present in the moment, which will help them deal with their emotions better when triggered by something at school or home. This is another best anxiety book for children that parents can choose who want to support their child during stressful times, such as moving away from home or getting stuck with an annoying sibling!

The Mindful Child: How To Help Your Kid Manage Stress And Become Happier, Kinder, And More Compassionate

Mindfulness is a method of being in the world that helps you live more fully and mindfully. When you’re mindful, you are present with what is right in front of you. You can be aware of how your body feels, whether or not it needs anything else—like food or sleep—and what thoughts come into your mind.

Further, mindfulness can help kids manage stress. Wondering how? Well, it helps them focus on the present moment without worrying about things that may happen later on if they don’t do something now (or forget about them altogether). This book teaches children mindfulness, making it one of the best books on childhood depression.

The Anxiety Workbook For Teens: Activities To Assist You Deal With Anxiety And Fear

In the list of anxiety books for children, The Anxiety Workbook for Teens is the next name. It is a wonderful resource for dealing with anxiety in your teens. Besides, it focuses on the positive. This means this book asks your child to look at the big picture. Thus, it helps your child get through their day by focusing on what’s going well rather than dwelling on what could go wrong.

Frankie & Gloob – Childhood Depression Book For Kids

When talking about books on childhood depression,how can we forget Frankie & Gloob from Silver Lining Stuffies? Along with anxiety books for children, Silver Lining also offers books on childhood depression—Frankie & Gloob!

Here Frankie is the hippo, and the Gloob is the sad monster that visits Frankie occasionally. Frankie enjoys rock climbing and loves dancing competitions with his friends. However, like every other child, he gets occasional visits from the Gloob. So, basically, in this book, the author has tried to teach children how to deal with sadness, aka depression, by showing how Frankie is dealing with Gloob. Thus, this book is the perfect read for children with their own sad monsters.

Why Anxiety Books For Children?

Anxiety Books For Children Can Help Kids Learn To Manage Their Anxious Feelings In A Healthy Way.

Anxious feelings are common, but they can be difficult for children to manage. However, children’s anxiety books can help kids learn to cope with their anxious feelings healthily. These books give children tools for managing their emotions and make it easier to understand what’s happening inside their minds when they feel anxious or worried about something. Children learn how others handle their fears and worries by reading about others who have struggled with similar situations. This helps them feel less alone in the process of overcoming anxiety.


We hope you found these children’s books helpful in dealing with your child’s anxiety and depression. Although we can add more names to the list, these are a few best ones!


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