5 Ways to Teach a Child about Good Habits

Not all people are born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Many of us have to struggle hard to get attention from the public and live our life on our own terms. Many people are turned maniacs in because of their childhood experiences, and they are so much stressed by the word ‘family’ that they don’t even want to disclose any of their family members.

Melissa Womer has got the same story, due to her dysfunctional family; she never mentioned that she has or had a family. A dysfunctional family means a bothered and disturbed childhood. Melissa Womer is a very beautiful lady, she is about to touch her 60s, but you cannot see signs of aging.

No doubt she is a very hard working woman, who has crawled up to the position she now owns. She did many jobs, even the jobs that are considered very good as one can never earn handsome amounts of money from such a job.

Melissa Womer used to be a joke writer in Kansas City. She even worked as a cocktail waitress in Sunset Boulevard. All her struggles paved a path for her and now Melissa is a well-known actress as well as a film producer.

She has become so famous, has led almost 59 years of her life, and she never mentioned neither her parents nor her siblings. There is no wrong in saying that, she is one of those lucky people who succeed no matter how troubled or disturbed their childhood is.

It is the right of every child to get love and respect from his parents. A parent, who does not respect his child or others, cannot teach his child to respect others. A parent must put effort into the upbringing of his or her children. Here are some easy ways of how you can help your children in building healthy habits.

Must-Have Healthy Habits for Children:

  • Healthy Eating:

Kids are more intimidated by packed food, which is mostly junk food. Processed food can never be good for health be it children or adults. Children are attracted to candies, jellies, sweets, lollipops, chocolates, and fizzy drinks.

According to children, only processed food can taste good, as a parent you must satisfy the taste buds of your children through healthy food to make them believe that healthy food can taste good too.

Use fruits, and leafy vegetables cut in different shapes, making a colourful as well as healthy bowl of food so that your little one can find it yummy as well as full of nutrition. If you are worried about your child not eating healthy food here is a pro tip for you, make the meal colourful and good-looking.

Children are obsessed with junk food because it is appealing to the eye before it appeals to the taste buds. So, good looking and healthy food will change the game.

  • Physical Activity:

Allowing your children to sit in front of the television and personal computers for unlimited hours is the biggest mistake on your part as a parent. In this way, not only you are making your child lazy and screen-addicted but you will also get him into a sedentary lifestyle.

Children, who have no physical activity in their daily routine, have lesser growth rate and lower metabolic functioning of the body. Discourage the use of screens, and gadgets as much as you can, and encourage outdoor playing.

Keep an active part in playing with your children. If you have joined any sports club make sure to take your younger one along with you. To have a healthy and fresh start to the day, start it with a run or a jog.

A sedentary lifestyle will bring no good to your child’s life. Moreover, it will invite medical conditions like obesity, emotional disturbances, and eye problems due to excessive gadget use, sleep disorders, etc.

  • Focus on Food-Nutrition Labels, not Designers Ones:

Start teaching your children to read the labels from an early age. Teach them to select food based on nutritional values and not according to the brand name. Children are fascinated by the ads, commercials, and they think that the only good things are the ones that are being advertised.

Try to eradicate this belief from the mind of your kids. Be it food, clothing, or accessory items; teach them to choose the best one, not the famous one. Teaching them how to read nutrition tables, will encourage your children to only pick healthy food.

  • Cleaning Up the Mess:

Cleanliness must be one of the things that should be set as a default in the system of your children. This is one of the habits that will stay with them forever. Start with cleaning the mess, clean up their toys, make their beds, and clean their cupboards in front of them.

In this way, your kids will learn how to place their toys and clothes in a proper place to make their room look good. Emphasize the cleanliness and orderliness of things in their specific places.

There are some things that your children won’t learn if they don’t see you doing them. If your kids will regularly see you cleaning up the mess, they will definitely do it once they get old enough.

  • Sharing is Caring:

Sharing is one of the habits that will change the thinking and ultimately the life of your children. From being the famous kid in the class to the best person as an adult, this little principal will help your child to live a healthy life.

When a child learns to share his things with his siblings and friends, he learns how to be grateful and humble. They will not only learn the importance of what they own, but they will learn how to share things with some who cannot afford such things.

A child, who shares his things with others, younger or older than him, gets love from everybody around him. This attitude of caring and sharing will help him become a better human and a better person.

Author Bio: Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He has done his Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wah. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to write blogs on valuable topics.


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