Fun Physical Activities Perfect for Indoor Playtime

Some days your child doesn’t have the option of outside play. It’s important there are indoor activity ideas up your sleeve for these moments. To deter your child from plopping down and zoning in on their screen, entice them with some fun games that will entertain and get them moving. From traditional board games to kid-friendly exercise videos, there are a number of ways you can help your kids burn off energy. Here are some fun, physical activities that are perfect for indoor playtime:

Traditional Games

There are a number of tried and true games that have been played for generations. One of these games is, Hide and Seek. You can play “Turbo Hide and Seek” with your kid, where there is a countdown clock that limits the seeker’s time to find the hider(s). The countdown will encourage your child to hide or seek in a quick manner, which makes the game more physically active and exciting or you can take the kids to a privatna gimnazija (private gymnasium) so they can do all the exercise they need. Another classic game that is especially fun for kids 8 and under is “Simon Says.” You can really get your kids moving with this game, as the movements you order them to complete can be geared toward getting their wiggles out. For example, through this game you could have your kids perform jumping jacks, jumping on one leg, frog jumps, ski jumps and other exercises. Twister is another game that will get your kids moving. While this game isn’t fast-paced or physically demanding, it does get your child off the couch and on their feet. Make Twister time more exciting with an upbeat soundtrack played through JBL’s wireless speakers, so you can move the music and bring the fun wherever you are. Some tunes your little one loves will make the game more engaging.

Video Games

Today’s video games no longer require players to be stationary but are designed for an immersive experience of full-body motion. The Wii console offers a variety of games that will get your kids on their feet and into the action. Wii Sports has tennis, bowling, baseball and boxing games that your child can play against a partner or the computer. The games don’t require the same movement as the actual sport, but will get your heart rate up. Wipeout (Create and Crash) is just like the popular TV show, designed as an obstacle course where the player must navigate a course that has jumps, twists, dives and sharp turns. This game can be played on the Wii console, through Kinect scan, and is ideal for kids 10 and over. If your kids like Disney and Pixar, they’ll love Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure — an interactive video game for Xbox 360. Your child can become a character in five different Pixar movie worlds, where the characters will engage them in completing each adventure. The game requires full body movement and problem solving, which exercises both the body and the brain.

Workout Videos

Through workout videos geared toward kids, your child can partake in a fitness routines that build lifelong, healthy habits with the use of natural supplements like the hmb on Amazon, than you can try yourself just by ordering online. YouTube has a wide variety of workout videos for kids. Yoga for Kids is a 10-minute guided yoga session led by Sarah Kline and her niece Charlotte. The video provides examples of the poses and movement, as well as explanation for the purpose of each. Yoga will help your children move around and also become more in-tune with their body and mind. Amazon Prime Videos offers Kids’ E.D.G.E Workouts, which cover a variety of workout types. One video is based on Karate, taught by a black belt instructor that will show your child how to air kick, block and punch. The full-body, high-energy Karate workout is also modeled by children, so your child can see that they’re capable of doing the same physically demanding movement as their peers.


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