Best Creative Ways To Make Learning Fun For Your Kids


During this pandemic, and not only, people need to accommodate to doing a lot of thing from home. That is probably the hardest for children for they are not accustomed to learning remotely. There are plenty of educational resources (some give you useful data, like essay bot review, tips for remote learning, how to set up a studying schedule, etc.). Here we would like to touch on some how-to when it comes to making learning be fun for children.

Hands-On Learning

If you provide options for hands-on learning, then you can incorporate plenty of topics into what seems like a game that will captivate the attention of your child and will allow it to better process the information you are giving to them.

Children have a hard time focusing on things that are not interesting to them. So, if you are able to catch their attention by offering a chance to experience what they are learning, they are much more likely to be attentive and to remember the things that are being taught.

For instance, when you are teaching geometry, build some shapes out of carton and play around with them while explaining the geometric relationships.

Or, if you are studying history together with your kid, go get some action figures and pretend they are important people from the part of the history you are learning, then act-out the whole lesson in order to help the child incorporate it into their mind.

Study During Cooking

If your child is younger and you are now teaching it how to count, how to measure stuff, or even if you are on the topic of fractions, cooking time can be made an educational resource. For example, have your child count the cups of ingredients, the needed utensils for the family, the fraction of sugar (or any other ingredient) you need to put in the mixture, etc.

When learning fractions, you can also use cooking mixtures, ingredients, and even pieces of food to show your children the work on fractions in the real life, rather than simply on paper.

Create a Website

That is a rather enjoyable activity that you can do with your children. Just figure out something you would like to have on a website, then go online and start building one with the available platforms. That way you are not only entertaining your child and teaching it basic work with online tools, but you are also providing it with a valuable skill that may come in handy later throughout their life. For using, building, and maintaining websites is something that many jobs nowadays require. And what a better time to learn that skill than during remote learning when you need to help your children study new things.

And, who know, that may even get them interested in programming later on.

Make a Play to Study Literature

When you have to study all those long literature novels, stories and such, what a better way to have them committed to memory than enacting them in a play.

Do some props, make a scenario based on the book, then ask your child how they want to play it out and who they want to play. It is the best if they choose the main character, but if someone else has captured their attention, let them be that character for that will be more entertaining and can help the child see the novel, and even the world, at a different angle.

Rehearse the roles and then put out a play for the whole family to enjoy on your next family night. This way you are providing both entertainment and a learning option that is enjoyable.

Home Science Experiments

There are plenty of experiments in science that can be done at home to help get your child accustomed to the basic ideas of the various sciences. This will provide them with an option to see for themselves how does the world work and what science can do for us. This can include biology, chemistry, physics, programming, and many more. You can even get a small telescope and show your child the beauty of the stars that surround us.

Yes, science experiments can be quite enjoyable and will provide the basic knowledge your kid will need to succeed in school and beyond. One never knows what will sparkle the interest of a young child and will guide it later in life. So, what is better than giving the hands-on experience of various fields that may later turn out to be the passion of your children.

Let the Child be the Teacher

This way you will be creating an interactive environment. You can ask questions that the kid will need to find the answers for and they will learn a lot throughout the process. It has been shown that teaching others stuff allows us to learn those things better. So, you are enabling the child to learn well and have fun at the same time.


There are various ways to keep your children entertained during remote learning and help them study at the same time. Do not forget to praise the child when they do good and to show them what is wrong when they do bad, rather than scolding them. Remember, you are the role model that the kids will look up to. Act like one and provide good explanation for what is right and what is wrong and, most importantly, why. That is also a good lesson that you can teach your child during remote learning.

Author Bio: Laura Fields is a creator of the site Bestessayservicesradar that is aimed at high-schoolers and those in college and grad school. She is passionate about writing in general and helping people learn and teach better. She believes in the free access to opportunities for students to improve themselves, even at the times of a national lock-down due to the pandemic that has captured the world. At this time she believes it to be even more important to be well-versed in the online opportunities for studying that the Web provides us.


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