Homeschooling Styles: Which Method Is The Best

If something is common for all human beings in the world, most likely it is homeschooling. Human life is determined in some way by its homeschooling and the lessons that we picked up and learned from it. It is maybe a key factor of what we will become in the future. Parent’s lessons are not always nice. Sometimes they can be rigorous and even rude. But it all depends on what kinds of parents we have. The most important thing is that they want you only good, no matter how they behave or what they are doing. There are a couple of homeschooling styles and methods that people use to make the right decisions for the future of their children. Let’s see what we could find about them.

Classical Method

It is not rare for parents to use everything in their power to put us forward in the right direction. Among several homeschooling methods, the one that people are using pretty often is a classical method. But what is it?

This method is usually represented by teaching the children normal things without which they couldn’t simply live. The basics of it are focused on how to teach them to think and learn properly. You have probably heard sometimes how people have mental illnesses or similar problems. Studies have shown that in the majority of these cases, the problem began in their homeschooling. Parents are not as strict in their measures as they should be and are very tolerant towards their kids. If you want to avoid those issues, which you probably do, teach them those basics at the right time while they are still young. It is the best way for them to remember these crucial lessons that can be truly beneficial to them. All of the kids have some style of learning. Despite it, the classical method is usually presented through 3 different stages: logic, rhetoric, and grammar. Those 3 phases are popularly known as a trivium.

Charlotte Mason Method

One of the most interesting methods people can use in homeschooling is definitely a Charlotte Mason Method. This method is based on the teachings of a homeschooling colonist from the 19th century called Charlotte Mason. She was a Christian whose homeschooling style was visible in 2 different parts. The first one is focused on the methods of shorter characters that last not more than 20 minutes. This version is preferably intended for students of elementary level of knowledge. The second lasts up to 45 minutes and is usually intended for high schoolers.

The Charlotte Mason Method of homeschooling is based on learning from the natural environment. Through this method, walking through the natural habitat, reading newspapers related to nature, practicing observation and recollecting of data are emphasized. However, the biggest role in this method goes to reading. Reading is considered as one of the main lessons children should perfect and it is represented in Charlotte Mason’s homeschools a lot. The focus lies on reading biographies and stories, or lessons that are worth for a lifetime. If you like this method to use, be aware that it takes a lot of effort and expertise in order to maximize a kid’s potential.

Montessori Method

This is a method that was originally used in the 20th century by the educator from Italy, Maria Montessori. She was dedicated to making the lives of kids with special needs much easier and it was her priority. The Montessori method is focused on a humanistic approach by using the freedom of motion. Kids with special needs often have limited movement capacity and their development is restricted and slow. That is the main reason why Maria approached this method in the desire to help them to get back on their feet. Usually, children would have exercises that included many tasks oriented to free movement. It is often the case that children get exercises on moving objects of huge scale and similar things. Also, sometimes this teaching is related to the preferences and interests of the kids. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that this method is the most questionable one. You can see more of this in some reviews on myadmissionessay feedback about this theme.


This method is preferably based on the work of John Holt. For the ones who hear this name for the first time, he was a homeschooling adherent specialized in the unschooling method. This is a learning model that is focused on student’s preferences and interests. Also, it is an individualistic approach with many rigorous, and systematic teaching included. This can be seen in the learning of basic skills like writing and reading. For instance, your child may prefer to listen to educational audio books instead of reading in the traditional sense. Unschooling study projects of learning are based on activity and have the priority set on the education that is guided by the “on-the-job-learning”. Something that is truly common for this method is there is no actual evaluation of the test results. With the use of this method, parents are allowed to question all they want about the standard, or better say stereotypical schooling regardless of its type. No matter if it is about homeschooling, public, or a private one, parents, who are the teachers too, can find out all of the answers possible about traditional schooling. Perhaps the best thing about this method is its uniqueness. By using it, parents can develop a strong personality for their children which is a rarity today.


Although every parent knows what is the best fit for their teaching of the children, it is fair to say how those methods above can be useful. All of those methods are made to help children in learning the basics of life. Those lessons’ existence should have a massive impact on their development of character, and personality too. Of course, all of them have their benefits and disadvantages. But the most important thing to remember is that without them our children wouldn’t be the same as with them.

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