5 Ways To Incorporate The Farmhouse Look Into Your Kid’s Bedroom

A child getting their room is a small step and sign of independence and it also signifies them gaining their right to privacy. Kids who are closer to transitioning into teens are expected to be more assertive of what they want and are more inclined to give their own opinion of things. With this, you can talk to your child about bedroom designs and ideas that can be fun and creative and if you are into a farmhouse look, here are ways to incorporate that look into your child’s bedroom.

Wall Decor

Your kid would most probably dominate the decision in picking the color of their bedroom walls or the design of the paint that should cover it. So for this, one way to bring the farmhouse style is to put up wall decorations. You can try installing wooden shelves or floating shelves in the walls where your child can place their books or some of their toys. Just make sure that they can reach these shelves themselves. You can also try hanging faux leaves or flower wreaths around their room. If they have pictures on the walls, you can have them framed in wood.

Put down a country-style rug

Your kid’s bedroom is not just a room where they can sleep. It also serves as their play area during the day and study area where they bring snacks and quite possibly spill some of their water or juice on the floor from time to time. This is where you can place a rug but if you want it to look more country-style, you can choose to place a chunky fiber rug in neutral colors or in earth tones. Aside from keeping the floor dry, when it gets cold, this piece of accessory can also keep them warm. To be safe, make sure to find a rug which is non-slip.

Woven laundry basket

Since having their own room means that you are slowly teaching them to be independent. You can also teach them to put their soiled clothes in one specific area instead of them just flinging it anywhere or leaving those dirty laundry on the floor for you to clean up after. For this, you can put a woven laundry basket in the corner of their rooms. You can go for a laundry basket made of fiber, bamboo, or rattan. Having a woven basket is more eco-friendly, more durable, and long-lasting than the plastic one that your kids might accidentally break while they are playing.

Rustic-style Furniture

Adding furniture into their room is another way of incorporating the farmhouse style in their bedrooms since they probably do not have much to say with regards to that department. For this, you can put a rustic-looking bedside table next to their beds. Not only is it multipurpose but it will also help the wardrobe cabinet in storing additional things or excess clothes that would not fit in the cabinet. In addition to that, if they do not have a closet in their room then you can also add a rustic wardrobe cabinet since we are talking about furnitures but if you think that it is too big for the room, you can also go for a hutch cabinet, which is also country looking in its own regard. You can use the display panel to put the charming treasures that your kid values or their prized toys.

DIY Lampshade

This is an accessory that you can use while you are reading your child a bedtime story and if you want to have one that is a little extra, then you probably would want to have a lampshade which has a shade made of thick fabric, parchment, or you can make your own DIY shade using twigs or twine instead of an industrial made model. You can also replace the bulb of the lampshade to one which has an incandescent glow to have that warm and inviting atmosphere.

Final Words

Giving your kids the experience to have a decision of their own or allowing them to have a say is a great way for them to explore additional options, to think outside of the box, and be more creative at the same time. Although, it is understandable that as a parent, you would want to impose what you want, always choose to negotiate with your children and to respect what they want to bring to the table. If you are interested to learn more about the farmhouse items that were mentioned in this article or check out some rustic farmhouse items, see this website to learn more.


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