The Only Guide to Essay Writing You’ll Ever Need

There are several resources out there about research, the different writing styles, and what you need to do to finish your assignment. The one thing no one tells you about is how to do all this in the best way possible. There isn’t a guide that explains it outright and helps you get started with everything that comes after the planning stages of your essay. We feel this is a problem because you need to learn how to do assignments when you’re in school and college.

For this article, we gathered all of our expertise, breaking it down into simple steps you can understand and follow when writing an essay. You can get an essay writing guidance when you search Type My Essay too, which is handy when you have so much to do. All this is done while adhering to know styles; APA, MLA, and Harvard. Even more important is the “Type My Essay no plagiarism” option that gives you access to writers that know the importance of original work.

Why It’s Important to Learn how to Write Essays

  • Gives you the knowledge of all aspects of writing essays
  • Helps with time management throughout your essay writing process
  • Saves time when starting your essay because you already know what it entails
  • Gives you an idea of what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right when it comes to essay writing
  • Gives you a sense of pride once you’ve completed your first essay

Types of Essays

We have a list of different types of essays here. They are:

1. Expository Essays

If you’re writing an expository essay, then the purpose is to explain something. You can talk about discoveries or inventions that have changed our lives or about how something works to give people information they didn’t know before.

2. Argumentative Essays

They are ideally for convincing the reader about a point of view. It includes using evidence from both sides to prove your claims and dispute your opponent’s arguments.

3. Descriptive Essays

Descriptive options give a vivid description of something or someone. They paint a picture in the reader’s mind and allow them to imagine what you’re talking about.

4. Narrative Essays

This kind is used to tell a story that happened to you or someone else. You can use this type of writing when you want to share something personal with your audience.

5. Compare and Contrast Essays

It’s the type of essay you need to use when you want to compare two things. For example, if you’ve got a topic about history, you’d be writing a compare and contrast essay because you’re comparing how that subject was taught in your high school with how it’s being taught now in college.

Writing an Essay

Here are some basic steps that have worked well for lots of students;

● Brainstorming

The first thing you need to do is brainstorm. It means coming up with all the ideas and information that you can about your topic. You can use a notebook or index card to keep track of everything and don’t be afraid to write down all of your thoughts, even if they seem stupid at first.

● Organize Your Essay

After you have all of your ideas, it’s time to organize them in a way that makes sense. It would help if you started with the most important idea and then moved on from there. Outline before you write anything so that you can get all of the information in the correct order.

● Writing

Once you have your outline ready, you can start writing. It would be best if you used clear and descriptive language that focuses on your topic. You also want to use as much of the researched material as possible for a coherent piece.

● Proofreading

Now that you’re done with your essay, it’s time to proofread. Your essay should be as error-free as possible and shouldn’t contain any spelling or grammar mistakes. You can ask a friend or teacher to review your paper for you and give you their opinion on anything they think is confusing or unclear.


When you write an essay, it’s essential to think about your audience to give them the information they need. Always plan what you’re going to write before you start writing, and keep a close eye on spelling and grammar so that it is error-free. Remember, the most important thing when writing an essay is to be yourself and be confident. Do your best, and you’ll see your writing improve.


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