10 Things Every Kid Must Have In Their Bedroom

Working in your kid’s room can refresh your own childhood memories. It’s so much fun to add all the fun elements together, be it painting on the walls with your kids, or finding cool furniture pieces that make it look more like a spaceship than a simple bedroom – one can just think out of the box. Here is a list of all the things that can help you decide what a kid’s room must-have.

As we know that children see the world differently than most adults, it’s all about adding imagination and magic into their everyday lives. So for every child, their room could mean a bit more to them – like a fairy palace or a princess castle, a galaxy of adventure, or something enchanting like the secret world of Narnia!

So as whimsical as all these sounds, it can also be a bit challenging to put it all together. The rooms shouldn’t be just beautiful but functional too so that the child can grow and learn both. So here’s a guide that can help you identify your kid’s current likings and future requirements, and strike a balance between the two.

1. A Bunk Bed

The first thing one can think of when thinking of a kid’s room is a bunk bed. They have always been a go-to solution for making the most out of shared space (in the case of more than one kid) and also there’s a huge collection of different designs on how it can be incorporated into a kid’s bedroom. They are easy on space and add to the modern appeal. So, in case of a small room or a big imagination, choose a bunk bed and make the most out of your kid’s bedroom space. It could be a simple loft bed that can double the usable space and creates room for an additional play zone, a reading nook, or a lounge area. If you’re looking for a wide variety of kids beds, you can hop over here to explore different bunk bed options for a space-saving and stylish solution.

2. A Study Table & a Chair

When it comes to kids’ rooms, you can’t do without a desk and a chair since that’s where the kids will be completing their homework, reading, and learning. Choosing a desk and chair that is durable is of utmost importance since we don’t want anything that breaks easily. 

3. A Chalkboard Accent Wall

Why do kids need a chalkboard wall, you ask? The use of chalkboard walls has become very popular and they can now be seen everywhere and for good reason. It is a budget-friendly addition to the kid’s room that can work popularly with everyone, from toddlers to teenagers.

Also if you have a little Picasso-in-the-making, this may be the most creative way to display your child’s artwork.

4. A Bookshelf

A bookshelf in a kid’s bedroom is a must. We all want to encourage our children to develop a liking for reading new things and gaining a worldwide perspective. Adding a bookshelf may just be the best way to prove this into action. Not only will it help to improve their vocabulary but also improve their fluidity of comprehending things. With more and more practice, of course. All of their personal favorite books can fit on their own personal bookshelf.

5. A Playstation With a Swing Set or a Ball Pit

What do kids love the most? To play! So imagine having a whole corner dedicated to it. It could be as big as an indoor swing, or a small-sized ball pit and that’s all your kid will talk about with his/her friends. You can add a wall in a corner for built-in rock-climbing or even a lego wall, go absolutely crazy with a bed slide, and give them more reasons to enjoy their room and trouble you less. They will play all day and help you at the same time by burning up all that extra, before-bedtime energy.

6. DIY Blanket Fort

Want an idea that your child will absolutely love? Try adding a 5-foot tall blanket fort.

It’s the best way to keep them engaged and entertained and you can even get a ready-made one from the store to make it a permanent addition to the kid’s room. A fort is all that a kid can dream about, all that they want, and also find it similar to a safe haven. Then what’s the reason to not add it? If you’ve got the space, go ahead and decorate it with your children however you like.

7. Galaxy Projector for the Walls

A galaxy projector for the wall can do so many things for your child. It can act an entertaining visual piece that they can use for so many things apart from lighting purposes only. They can help to relax the child when they are resting and also keep them entertained.  Galaxy projectors also act as a decorative piece and they are so easy to incorporate. The projector also works for the child’s educational purposes. It helps educate kids about our vast universe. Your child can learn about the clusters of stars in space and other heavenly bodies. It may even boost your child’s mental health, and help widen their imagination while encouraging creativity.

8. A Wall Mount TV

Sure, it’s not a common notion to put a TV inside a kid’s room but as long as you monitor them, there are some advantages of having a TV there. The child can have his own space to relax, same goes for the parent, there may even be a chance that the sibling might fight less about what to watch if one TV is placed in both rooms. As long as there’s a restriction on the watch-time, kids can also learn from visual imagery so if you’re considering putting a TV set in their bedroom, think about one which can be positioned easily from left to right, like MantelMount, so that they can watch from anywhere they like in their bedroom. With MantelMount, you won’t even have to be concerned about things such as how high to mount tv or how high to mount a tv in a bedroom, as it can be wall-mounted easily and efficiently.

9. A Storage Cabinet

There are countless things to pick from the floor of a kid’s room. Where does it all go? Believe it or not, a kid’s room CAN look clutter-free. Starting from their toys, game boards, books, clothes, legos, plush toys, everything needs to be managed and put back, and to do that, there needs to be a way that is child-friendly. One can place hooks on walls and doors, wall shelves, storage crates for under the beds, and select furniture which has built-in storage. These are some of the many great options that can double the storage space without taking much space of its own in the room.

10. Carpeted Floors

A carpeted flooring can work very well for a kid’s bedroom. Largely because it is the best kind of flooring – plush, soft, and cushioned which allows it to be a safer option than compared to others. The carpeted flooring provides a tactile comfort to the kid’s bedroom space, while also preventing any injuries when the child trips or falls while playing. To increase its effect, it’s even better to opt for a thicker carpet. It can act as an insulating buffer for the complete bedroom floor. So if you are tired of the noise coming from the kid’s bedroom when they’re playing, stomping, and jumping around, this will help to cut some of it down, especially if the kid’s room is placed on the upper levels of the house.


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