5 Important Tips To Teach Children Essay Writing

Essay writing is a fundamental skill that is taught in most schools. It is a method of presenting an opinion on a particular topic, supported by reasoned argument and relevant evidence. Having learned how to write essays in school, children are now entering the “real world,” and this skill will be necessary for their future success.

Since it can be a challenge for teachers to teach essay writing in the classroom, we have put together this article with five tips about how you can teach your child to write an essay.

1. Explain the Purpose of an Essay

The first thing to teach your children how to write essays is for them to understand what an essay is. An essay is a formal, written piece of prose that involves the author writing about a single topic, sometimes using examples and research to support their views. School teachers often use essays during tests and exams as a way for children to practice their writing skills.

2. Choose a Topic

Discuss with your child some topics about which they would like to write. They could choose a topic related to their day-to-day lives, such as what they did at the weekend, an exciting piece of homework, or an upcoming holiday. They could also choose a more general topic such as whether or not the school should be stopped at night or what the future will be like in several years. After deciding on a topic, they can make notes and research that subject.

3. Teach Them Basic Writing Skills

Once a topic has been chosen, it must be taught how to write an essay. The process of writing an essay can be broken down into several stages, which children should learn how to do in order: maybe you have no sufficient knowledge, but don’t worry you can get tips and inspiration from the rapidessay has you covered. The website has a simple beginner guide to choosing a perfect topic.

  • Outlining their essay (This explains the overall structure and length of the paper.)
  • Creating their topic sentence (This is the first sentence of their essay where they introduce their topic. It is essential to make this sentence short and compelling.)
  • Creating the body of their essay (This is where they write the central part of their essay. It should be divided into several paragraphs, each explaining one reason why they believe that the opinion expressed in the topic sentence is correct.)
  • A conclusion sentence (This should be very brief and ensure that the key points are repeated.)

4. Give Practice Papers

For your child to become a better essay writer is through practice. Once they understand the purpose of an essay, you can give them practice papers on which they need to write an essay. Explain that they will be given a particular topic and need to write as much as possible about this topic in 500 words. While most essays are limited to 1000 words, children should start with shorter essays so that they can monitor their progress.

5. Encourage Reading and Practicing

Once your child has written an essay on their chosen topic, it will be vital for them to read other children’s essays. This way, they can see what kind of structure and tone is used in the ordinary essay. You could also have them read essays written by their favorite celebrities or politicians.

When they have read several different essays, you can get them to write out some examples themselves. Tell them that they must use the same structure and tone used in the other texts. This will help with their writing skills and show them how to cite research material in their writing correctly. Let them practice various easy topics and then move them on to more challenging subjects.

Learning essay writing is a skill that will be useful for years to come, so it is best to start early. Try using these tips to see your child’s essay writing improve.

Hopefully, this article has given you several tips about teaching your child to write an essay. Following these tips and techniques will help your child become a better writer and may even help them achieve better grades in their exams.


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