How to Teach Essay Writing to Kids: Look Here

When teaching essay writing to kids, it is necessary to consider the age and maturity of each child. Some children can put down complete sentences earlier than others; some are still learning their ABCs while others are reading chapter books. The developmental stages that a child goes through should be taken into account when teaching them. Your child may be an early talker but not know how to put those words into sentences.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is make sure your child can scribble their name and recognize written letters if they are older than 7 or 8 years old. If your child knows how to note down their name, you can then teach the necessary skills needed for them to master essay writing. The first thing you should train is how to form complete sentences with correct punctuation and structure. It will ensure that your child starts on the right foot while writing their first essays. Also, you can get cheap paper writing service from many online writing companies.

Follow these steps to teach the kids:

Start with Basic skills

The first thing you should do is make sure your child can write their name and recognize written letters if they are older than 7 or 8 years old. After they can put down their name, you should ask them to write “I can read and write” on a piece of paper. If they cannot do this, then that is where the lesson starts. You may only need to teach them how to write individual words before moving on to more complex sentences.

One idea is to put down a sentence that includes an action verb, a subject, and a predicate. You can start this in preschoolers. It is crucial to keep it simple because if they do not understand something initially, they will never want to continue doing it when they get older.

Teach Them How to Create an Essay Outline

The next step would be to teach them how an essay is organized. It can be a difficult task at first, but it will help your child a lot once they start writing essays in school or for homework. Creating the outline will also help them understand how long an article should be and if their ideas are enough to fill up the entire paper. For this step, you would want to start with a one or two-sentence outline and continue adding more information as they grow older.

Finally, Teach Them to Write an Essay

Once you have taught them how to write a sentence and how the outline of an essay is supposed to look, you are ready to teach them how to write an essay. At this point, the kid could probably use some help from professional writing companies because they will need all the help they can get to finish an essay. Make sure your child understands what information they should include in the outline and a map for their entire paper. An outline will lead them from one sentence to another, but they still have to fill in all the blanks.

Be Patient and Encourage Them

These steps can seem like a lot to handle, and they will take some time and practice before your child fully understands how an essay is supposed to be written. You should not expect them to come up with whole sentences at first because that takes time and patience. Just be patient with them while they are working on their essays, and show them how proud you are when they finally finish. Remember that this is a developmental process, and your child will not write an entire essay overnight. Teaching kids has its ups and downs, but the positives tend to outweigh the negatives as long as you keep encouraging them.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

When teaching kids, make sure you use technology in a positive light. Many teachers and parents complain that the internet ruins our children. However, you can also use technology to teach them how to reference sources within an essay correctly. There are plenty of websites online that offer interactive activities for kids to learn how to write essays without writing anything themselves. It is a great way to work on their skills while not making any mistakes because they are practicing on the screen.

Practice Lots of Writing Activities

Finally, make sure your child practices often. Ask them to write simple sentences during the day and always ask them what they did at school. The more you encourage them, the faster they will learn how it is done correctly. Please encourage your child to write at home by simply writing a story with them. You can also have them write single sentences that only include one idea instead of an entire essay.

If they are young, you may want to dictate what is being written so that they do not get overwhelmed. In the long run, your child will learn how to write independently, but they need to practice a lot so that it becomes second nature. The more frequently you ask them to write something, the faster they will learn how to complete the whole of it in English or any other language for that matter.


In conclusion, teaching essay writing to kids will require you to consider your child’s developmental stage. Every child learns at their own pace, which should be taken into account when teaching kids. At first, they may only be concerned with learning how to write a sentence, and it will take months before they can finish an entire essay. 


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