The 5 Best Ways to Keep Your Singing Voice Healthy

Singing is among the organic forms of humanity. Whether singing for choirs or onstage, your voice has the potential to become an amazing instrument by ensuring that you keep it healthy. One of the most beautiful gifts that one can possess is the singing gift, but most people consider and misunderstand singing to be out of their reach.

Most people tend to think that singing is only a talent, but anyone can learn how to sing from virtual singing lessons by perfecting their voices. Ideal vocal tones, strong vocal muscles, breathtaking sounds, and perfect pitch are not things that one is born with. You can definitely learn these things by just doing some practice.

Everyone has a different range of vocals, but they only need to engage well with it. Vocal health isn’t complicated for singers. Using a little knowledge and common sense on vocal health tips can help you maintain your vocal health.

Hydrate your vocal cords

It might be hard to select what to drink in order to keep your vocals healthy. But to sing better, you only need to ensure that you drink enough water. This is one of the best drinks that can improve and keep your singing voice healthy. The second thing you need to try is drinking herbal tea that is not too hot.

During your singing rehearsals, ensure you have a water bottle beside you. Irritated vocal cords are likely to lead to vocal cord irritation. To ensure that your vocals aren’t dry, keep drinking water to keep them hydrated.

Daily practice

Each day, try practicing singing for at least 30 minutes. A daily singing practice will help you improve your vocal range, develop much better vocal cords and strengthen your vocal cords. If you find it challenging to have a daily routine for your practice, search for a coach from institutions like Forbes Music Company to assist you in creating one.

Record yourself singing

You should try recording yourself while singing. People sound different in the air than they do on record. It is hard to know how you really sound until you record and listen to your voice from the recordings. By recording and listening to your own records, you will have a better opportunity to understand your weak and strong points. This will help you improve your weak points, thus improving your vocal cords.

Stay away from dangerous substances

One of the easiest ways to ruin your voice permanently is by smoking any harmful substance. Once you inhale any smoke, you are ruining your vocal cords with toxins from the smoke. Every substance that you inhale, whether it be pollen, pollutants, or even dust, passes directly through your cords, drying the cords out as well as irritating them.

Alcohol doesn’t have any immediate effect on your vocal cords, but it is very inflammatory and dehydrating. Most of the sugar mixers with high content are very harmful to your voice. If your vocal cords are important to you, make sure you avoid all harmful substances so that you can sing better.

Take vocal naps

Everybody needs to rest to help the body relax and be prepared for another day. Just like a tired body, a tired voice is more prone to injuries. Make sure you get enough rest after practices to keep your vocals healthy. During this resting period, ensure that you don’t sing, talk, or even whisper, which tends to be more harmful to your voice. 


It is important before any singing practice to do some practicing and after every practice to ensure you take time to cool down. Take a break of at least 10 minutes to give time for your voice to go back to its normal speaking range.


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