3 Reasons to Teach Kids to Write Essays

What is the relationship between success in life and the ability to write an essay? What is the importance of child writing? How to teach kids to write? How to write an essay worthy of Stanford?


In 1980, American sociologist Alvin Toffler coined the term Clip Thinking. It means the perception of information in the form of puzzles-short, unrelated information. Clip thinking is most often observed in children and adolescents who are used to learning new things from the Internet and social networks, where new content appears every second. On the one hand, they have a broad outlook. They understand modern music, movies, sports, know everything about new technologies. But on the other hand, most of them do not know how to put these puzzle-scraps of information in a single picture of the world, to build logical and causal relationships, as well as correctly express their thoughts.

However, these skills are the most important for high achievements in a career. It is difficult to imagine a successful politician, entrepreneur, or boss who does not know how to analyze the situation, think logically, and convince other people.

What does this have to do with child writing?

An essay is a creative work in which the author expresses his opinion on a certain problem or issue. In some countries, such as the United States and Canada, it is one of the most important forms of education. That’s why, starting in middle school, students write essays every week. The main reason is to develop creative and analytical thinking at the same time.

First, the student has to think through the idea, the thought of the composition. Then – to wrap this idea into a logical structure with arguments and facts. None of the major exams are also without writing a student assignment.

So, let’s consider 3 reasons to teach kids to write essays.

Reason 1: The essay in international exams

The GMAT is an international exam that assesses an applicant’s mathematical and analytical abilities. As well as their level of general development for admission to the MBA. The essays were included in GMAT at the request of the top business schools. The researches had shown that verbal skills, i.e. skills of delivering thoughts, are more important for a successful entrepreneur than it was thought before.

On the GMAT, the candidate writes two entire written papers. In one, he analyzes a controversial issue and explains his point of view. In the second paper, the student is asked to read a short text describing a situation and concluding with a conclusion.

In TOEFL, the international English language examination, you will also have to write a paper. In terms of difficulty, it is inferior to the GMAT exam. Most topics are phrased as follows: “The Internet is the greatest invention of mankind” or “Games are as important for adults as they are for children.” That is, the candidate needs to agree or disagree with a particular statement and explain his point of view.

In IELTS, another international English exam, you are asked to give your personal opinion on some social issue. For example, what inconveniences are faced by modern metropolitans, or what you would like to change in the school system.

The main purpose of TOEFL and IELTS is to test your level of English. But it is Writing – the written work, which assesses the ability to apply the language in practice, expressing your thoughts correctly.

Reason 2. Competitive essays

Another important role of essay writing for kids is for university admission or the awarding of a scholarship on a competitive basis. Especially in the United States and Europe. In this case, the author writes about his motivation, personal qualities and gives arguments why exactly he deserves to win.

The significance of the student paper in the American educational system can be seen in the film “Twenty-One”. The main character Ben Campbell, an MIT graduate with brilliant abilities, enters the Harvard School of Medicine. However, he does not have 300 thousand dollars to pay for training. The only option is to get the prestigious Robinson Scholarship. It is awarded based on the best essay in which the applicant recounts his unique life experience.

The film is based on real events. A group of students from MIT created a system of winnings in a Las Vegas casino like Best Crypto Trading Bots while getting into difficult situations that the main character has to solve. This unique experience, reflected in the essay, helps him win a scholarship to study.

Reason 3. Essay for the job

Often, companies ask the candidate to send a cover letter for employment. This is an addition to your resume. In it, you write in a free form what exactly attracts you to this vacancy, as well as why you should get the job. In essence, this letter is a motivational essay. It is by it that the company can judge not only your professional qualities but also your personal ones.

The world practice of cover letters is widespread among the top and middle managers. Because their work is connected with decision making and communication with people. According to a study, 36% of HR professionals reject candidates if it is poorly written. In general, the letter should contain the reasons why you want to get a job at the company, your competitive advantages and your unique experience that will help you cope with the responsibilities.

What skills do child writing help to develop? Why are they important in the job?

First and foremost, the composition helps you structure your thoughts and prioritize. That is, to sort out what is important and what is secondary. It is thanks to the ability of child writing, it is easier to determine the right sequence of your actions. This is very important in any work. The statement of purpose and expectations from the joint work should be competently and clearly stated. In other words, the essay helps to tell your vision more clearly, as well as to formulate quantitative and qualitative indicators of work.

In addition, we live in the age of social media. They control media space and influence many people more than traditional media. And in social networks, on the Internet, it is crucial to express your idea in an interesting and concise way.

What is the most important thing in competent essay writing for kids?

You need to set a specific writing goal, make a plan, and put your thoughts in the right order. And just as importantly, you should try to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Your essay should always have a twist, a message that will be remembered for a long time.

Essay for kids is not only an important part of the learning process. It is also an opportunity for personal growth. After all, in the process of work, the child must defend his ideas, prove his point. And for this, he needs to have a sufficient amount of information on a certain topic. The writing process for kids can be challenging. While teaching essay writing, the kid must be taught to think. This requires the parents’ constant attention to their child, an interest in his life, and a great deal of patience.


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