10 Creative and Educational Activities To Do At Home With Kids

Your child’s education is probably your top priority, whether it comes to choosing the right school for them to attend or choosing what games or TV shows they watch at home. It’s important that you expose your child to the best experiences in order for them to develop into emotionally mature and educationally mature individuals. But many parents don’t know how to increase the level of educational experiences their children are exposed to. If that’s you, here are ten creative and educational activities to do at home with kids.

1. Read Story Books

Whether it’s before bed or nap time, it’s beneficial to read storybooks to your children because it exposes them to the skills needed to read and develop a story while also spending time together. You can reread the same book to them or start new ones. Either way, let them see the words you’re reading by pointing to the words and looking at the pictures.

2. Have a Dedicated Learning Space

It can be difficult for some kids to focus compared to others. That’s why it may be beneficial to have a specific spot in your home that’s dedicated to learning, reading, and writing. Consider placing a desk or small table in this area, and keep it stocked with learning supplies. This helps them to stay focused on learning and prevents them from getting distracted by toys or the TV in the background. Even try incorporating a custom Spot It! game to help them strengthen their memory skills.

3. Use a Ruler to Measure Objects

To help your kids learn how to measure with a ruler, place a few objects in front of them and ask them to get their measurements. Teach them the different skills in learning how to measure various parts of objects.

4. Put on a Play

Entice your kid’s creativity by putting on a play with them. Come up with a storyline and then create different costumes for the characters in the story. This helps them to develop a storyline and gain an understanding of others’ feelings. You can even use these costumes to play games afterward. To learn more about online costumes please visit Blossom Costumes.

5. Infuse Math and Cooking

I’m sure your kids try to help you out in the kitchen with cooking or baking. That being said, you can help to increase their exposure to math skills while also finishing the mealtime prep. Help them count items or become familiar with measuring tools used in baking. Think about little ways you can introduce math into your meal prep.

6. Create a Menu at Home

Instead of going out and spending money at a restaurant, cook dinner at home with a twist. Create a menu at home for dinner and let your kids read the menu in order to choose what they’d like. They can help you create the menu with colors and pictures, and they can also help you make dinner. This invokes their creativity along with their reading skills.

7. Bake Cookies

Baking cookies requires you to learn measuring skills as well as creative skills. You can pound dough with your child and let them place the cookie cutters into the dough to entice their creativity.

8. At-Home Art Projects

It’s important to expose your child to art in order to increase their creativity. Engage in art skills at home by teaching them how to do different projects with objects you have around the house. For instance, consider making egg carton caterpillars or painting milk jugs.

9. Create an At-Home Store

You can open your own store at home by placing objects around a room with price tags on them. Then you’ll need to have a dedicated space for the cash register, which is where they’ll become more comfortable with math and money skills. You can even make pretend money for them to play with.

10. Start a Garden

If you have the space at home, think about starting a garden with your child. Since there are a lot of different components involved in gardening, you can help them to learn how to plant and care for flowers or crops. Teach them how to dig soil and place plants in the dirt. Make sure they’re comfortable with measuring water to become familiar with math skills. Also, teach them how to use gardening tools such as LED grow lights, and also inform them about the plants’ needs such as lighting, soil preference, and water.

Overall, your kid’s education doesn’t have to only happen at school. Helping them with learning skills at home can give them the opportunity to become educated in certain areas of their lives while also letting you spend more time with them. Consider incorporating some of these activities into your home to better your child’s education and creativity.


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