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Developmental Benefits of Kid’s Arts & Crafts

There is no better gift to a child then invest in education and emotional stability. As parents, all we want is to provide the best for our children and encourage them to gain essential skills that will lead to a successful future. Besides encouraging them to seek academic achievements, parents should also educate them in arts and crafts.

Benefits of arts and crafts

The innumerous benefits cover from physical up to social and cognitive skills development. Besides raising cultural awareness in our little ones, it also provides lots of fun and excitement.


Brushes, papers, pencils, and crayons. Lots of objects to experiment that involve some dexterity. With hands and fingers involved in the process, the child has the opportunity to develop coordination and excellent motor skills.

Visual processing and memory

Colors, shapes, and patterns are all present during a drawing or crafting experience. These different objects and colors will help to improve the child’s visual processing skills. Creating toys or jewelry also requires them to visualize and memorize intricate designs.


Children tend to be more visual than adults. Often times a drawing is the best method kids can use to explain something that happened, how they interpret the surroundings and what are their strongest desires. Parents can learn a lot with their kid’s arts and crafts if they pay enough attention and show interest.

Boosts self-esteem

There is nothing better than the feeling of achievement. Arts can provide this experience for kids, enhancing their self-esteem.

Executive Function

Executive function is defined as a mental skill that helps us manage our time, plan, multitask, work independently and pay attention, to accomplish a particular goal. Arts and crafts are introductory lessons on this, teaching kids on how to be flexible, patient and have self-control.

Higher chances to be successful later in life

Arts and crafts involve a lot of observation, imagination, associate patterns, colors, and solve problems creatively. Researchers suggest children who are exposed to crafts and arts are more likely to be innovative and come up with ideas “out of the box.” These ideas can lead them to publish studies, start a new company, patent inventions and so on.

Sharpens decision-making

Facing artistic challenges is the first step on how to make effective decisions. They learn through mistakes and develop a problem-solving attitude.

Better educational memory and critical thinking

According to a study conducted by a scientist team from the University of Arkansas, students who are exposed to museums, art galleries and performing arts centers display better tolerance and empathy towards history. They have measured results from a specific group of young students, who also presented higher educational memory and critical thinking.

How to encourage your child towards the arts

Create a space and time for your child to dive into the art world. Reserve some time away from video games and commercial toys. There will probably have some mess in this process, so we suggest you to throw a blanket or old newspaper over a table. Leave craft supplies easy to access and let your kid choose what is more pleasant to do. Try not to give directions, and let the creativity flourish on your little one. Don’t only compliment for the drawing or craft, ask them “why.” Articulating their own ideas is not only helpful for you to understand them, but also encourage communication skills.

How to make arts & craft projects more personalized

It’s normal after finishing a drawing to put your name into it, not to only prove ownership, but also to show the world how proud you are of what you have accomplished. If your kid loves to sew or craft their own toys, tiaras or else – why not encourage them to show it to the world proudly? Adding custom labels can be a great way of doing this. Labels can be done in several sizes, designs and printed in different materials such as fabric or leather. Have labels or tags at home and encourage your child to label it as their own. You can find more label ideas from Wunderlabel.

Final thoughts

Crafts and arts are activities well-known by its power to foster imagination, creativity, attention and communication abilities. Both are excellent exercises not only for kids but for parents too! You can give an example and engage in arts, sewing or crafts class. Maybe you and your child can find new hobbies together and have even more quality time in the family.

If you feel like it, check these recommended DIY for kids. We are sure they are going to love it!


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