9 Unique Birthday Gifts Worth Giving To Your Kids

For children, nothing’s more exciting than the return of the day for which they wait for an entire year—their birthday! It’s one of the most awaited and fascinating day for them: Cake, snacks, wishes from everyone, birthday party, friends, family, and most importantly—receiving gifts!

It doesn’t matter to them what gifts they get, whether it’s a toy or chocolates—kids just love to be adored.  But this birthday, you can do something different and get a unique birthday present for your child!

Instead of a common superhero toy or game set, go with something new that’ll make your kid lift up with joy when they open the gift. Below are some unique birthday gifts that are more than just gifts—they’re sure to bring laughter and joy to your child!

1. Handmade Painting

When you’re thinking of a unique gift for your kid on their birthday, there could hardly be any other option than a baby portrait from PortraitFlip. Although it’s not a toy or something that your kid can play with, a handmade painting has benefits that surpass other gifts.

Having a portrait of your kid in the house will let them know that they are adored—which will boost their esteem. Apart from that, the painting will remind them of their childhood as they grow older. Regardless of their age, get this wonderful gift for your child for their birthday!

2. Indoor Fort

Children like to run their imaginations wild, and you can help them with a gift that almost every child wants—an indoor fort! Kids are always fascinated by forts—let them build their imaginary world and fight dragons.

Easy to assemble, this indoor fort takes little place in your home but will keep them entertained 24×7.

3. Interactive Glow-In-Dark T-shirt

If you’re spending too much time deciding on what gift you should get for your kid this birthday, get an Interactive Glow in Dark T-Shirt. Not only is the t-shirt washable, the doodling done does not create any marks or mess—it can be cleaned with ease.

This cool T-shirt will not only look good on them but also will let them create art that glows in dark! A perfect gift for a birthday—your kid will love to wear it and take pics when cutting the cake.

4.  Interactive Globe

If you’re looking for giving a gift to your child that is not only unique but also practical, this globe is what you should get. This Globe is not a regular globe—it makes learning fun for your child by making it interactive.

All they have to do is scan the globe with a mobile or a tablet and learn in an interactive manner. Not only does it educate on maps, but also it covers more than 5 categories including cultures, monuments, cuisines, animals, and inventions across the globe. Plus, it has more than 1000 facts and quizzes to make learning interesting.

5. Smartphone Controlled Paper Plane

It may sound fake, but you can actually make a paper plane and control it with your smartphone! A unique gift than toy planes, this paper plane conversion kit will let your kid make their own paper plane and control it too.

Also, you don’t have to worry about controlling! This plane has a range of 55 meters and is easy to control. So, get this unique birthday gift for your child and watch them fly their own paper plane (and control it too).

6. Tin Can Robot

One of the unique gifts that you can get your child for their birthday is a do-it-yourself Tin Can robot!

Not only does this robot teaches your kid how to assemble a robot (robotics) but also teaches them the value of recycling.  This gift will keep them engaged and spark creativity as they make their own robot.

7. DJ Mixer

Does your child like to vibe to groovy music? If you answered yes, then this gift is something you should definitely get for their birthday—a DJ mixer for Kids.

With more than 100s songs and custom sound effects with preloaded instruments, this DJ mixer will let your kid create new music. Not only does it have preloaded music beats, but it will also let your child create their own beats that they can use to make groovy music.

Now, you’ll see them become a DJ.

8. STEM Toys

STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math toys are toys that are supposed to educate kids in a fun way so that they can learn while playing.

Those toys are designed in a way to promote thought processes and develop problem-solving abilities in kids—so you shouldn’t miss getting these toys for your kid on their birthday.

9. Plushie Of Their Favorite Animal

Plushie or plush toys are soft toys that are designed to be extra soft and may have a flexible outer layer. These toys are known to relieve stress and anxiety, bring security, and make a nice cuddle partner for your kids!

On their birthday, get a plushie of your kid’s favorite animal—whether it’s an elephant or tiger. We’re sure your child would like to get this unique birthday gift.

So, these were 9 unique birthday gift ideas for kids! Children love receiving gifts on their birthday—it doesn’t matter what kind of gift it is, but now you know what to get them!  I hope you found the best gift for your kid for their birthday.

If you ask me, I’ll definitely suggest you give a child portrait from PortraitFlip — because a custom handmade painting is a gift that is a treasure ♥


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