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Twins' Week

Twins' Week

Kim and Ken are twins. The kids live in a zoo as their father is a zoo keeper. They spend their time surrounded by the children. All their activities revolved around the animals. The animals in the zoo loved them.

They seek help from the animals to perform all activities.

They take bath with hippos. They watch television with the fish. They eat food with frogs. They play football with dolphins. They brush teeth with help from crocodiles. They cook and eat breakfast with panda. Every activity and every day of these kids is filled with lots of fun and animals. They love the animas and the animals love them. Since their father is a busy zookeeper the animals take care of them.

This isn’t a story, but it beautifully narrates all the routine activities of the children. Kids watching this animated narration can learn about staying disciplined, doing all activities without failing, and of course, enjoy the time watching animals.

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