Animated Stories in 3D for Kids

Thorns and Quills

Thorns and Quills belongs to a series of animated stories featuring little Musti, the sweet, kind kitten. Musti is friendly with all the animals in his father’s farm. These stories teach children to be kind and loving to animals. These are nature friendly stories that little children should never miss. Have fun watching them!

The Rain Maker

It is a hot day. Musti wants to play with his friends indoors. His mother is happy to let them play in the house. She asks him to go get them home but reminds him to wear his hat before he goes out to fetch them. Musti has a wonderful idea to cool off Ms. Tortoise’s shell which is heated by the strong sun. He makes rain from a water hose. Rabbit comes along and Musti does the same for him. But the water in the hose gets over. So they go indoors to play.

The story teaches children about the precautions to take in summer as well as to be kind and helpful to others.

The Little Birds

It is once again Musti to the rescue. He keeps watch over the birdhouse while the mother bird goes out to find food for her little ones. Ms. Tortoise also joins Musti. Since the mother bird takes a long time Musti goes looking for her. In the meantime a baby birds falls out of the birdhouse. Ms. Tortoise protects it and is happy to see Musti return with the mother bird who has hurt her leg. Does it end in a happy family reunion? Join Musti on all his interesting adventures.

The Cock Cant Crow

The Cock Can’t Crow! What is the mystery behind the silence of the Cockerel? Musti tries to find out. The other animals come out with many suggestions as to what could be wrong. Musti tries a few home remedies himself. But Cockerel doesn’t seem to be getting well. What could be the matter with him? Join Musti in finding a remedy for Cockerel’s illness. On the way also learn the lessons on kindness and compassion. Watch more interesting animated stories for kids here.

Soap Suds

All Musti intended to do was to lend a helping hand to his mother in putting the laundry on the line. But then, there is a handkerchief lying on the ground which is soiled. Musti uses detergent to wash it clean. As he heads for the clothes line Ms. Tortoise drinks the soapy water. That is when trouble starts. Though all ends well, the story focuses on teaching a valuable lesson that one should first make sure of what one is drinking. Go on and watch this funny story with Musti.

Big and Small

In this animated story, Musti helps Ms. Goat find her missing carrot that farmer Gyles had given her. Ms. Goat is very upset about the carrot that has gone missing. Musti wants to help her and goes searching for it. He has his focus on Mr. Rabbit. He tricks him into accepting that he had taken it from Ms. Goat’s vegetables. While teaching children to understand the concept of big and small this story also teaches the value of honesty. Musti makes sure that Mr. Rabbit himself returns the carrot to its rightful owner. In her turn Ms. Goat rewardsMr. Rabbit for his honesty! And, what could the reward be? Have fun finding out.

Mr. Rabbit’s Nephews

Mr. Rabbit’s nephews have come to spend time with him. The naughty little ones go out to play while Mr. Rabbit is fast asleep in his burrow. Mr. Rabbit is alarmed when he comes to know that they are missing. Is Mr. Rabbit able to find them? Is Musti able to help him find them? Watch this and more interesting animated stories for kids. Visit us!

Who Loves the RAIN?

Musti, the little kitten, steps out to play once the rain has stopped. He meets the frog, the duck and the crow. They all seem to be very pleased with the rain. The tortoise seems to be a little unhappy because her shell is all muddy. But she feels sorry for the dog because his dog-house is all flooded. Musti is ready as always to help. Watch the animation to see how Musti helps the dog get his house to a dry place. You are sure to have some real good fun!

Musti at the Farm

Musti goes to the farm with his father. Musti wants to play with his friends there but they all seem to have reasons not to do so. However, Musti enjoys his time at the farm. You must watch this to see how Musti turns the situation to his advantage and is happy with what he gets.

Musti is Ill

Oh no! Musti is not well! He has a cough and a cold. He is in his bed, bored and unable to sleep. His mother checks on him and gives him his medication. His friends, Mr. Rabbit and Ms. Tortoise visit him. Mr. Rabbit thinks that Musti’s cough medicine tastes awful. But Musti corrects him saying it helps him get better. But, do watch it till the end, because it will leave a smile on your face. Musti gives the message about the importance of medicines too through this animation.

So, watch it and have fun.

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