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101 Panchatantra Stories HB

Panchatantra stories need no introduction. Kids were once too crazy over Panchatantra stories. There was a period where Panchatantra stories formed a vital part of kids’ entertainment and life. It is a combination of exciting facts, mystical moments, fairy tales, folklores and fascinating stories.

The good old Panchatantra stories are back in form to educate as well as entertain the children. Published by Om Books International, New Delhi, 101 Panchatantra Stories HB is one of the must to have in your collection.

The book has many interesting stories plotted in different zones. From simple morals to life changing perceptions, the satires are narrated with fun. Besides the narrative and captivating storylines, the book has the visual impact. Kids will definitely love the illustrations, which is a visual delight.

Printing, font, style, navigation, images and of course the use of colours attracts the children. Don’t miss the delightful reading that comes at a reasonable price.

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