Short Stories » A Hole in the Fence

A hole in the fenceIn a small village, a little boy lived with his father and mother. He was the only son for them. The parent of the little boy was very depressed due to his bad temper. The boy used to get angry very soon and taunt others with his words. His bad temper made him fall for angry words.
He scolded kids, neighbours and even his friends due to anger. He invited all worries for his parents through the verbal usage. While he forgets what he spoke in anger, his friends and neighbours avoided him.

His mother and father consoled him in ways to give up his anger and develop kindness. Unfortunately, all their attempts failed. Finally, the boy’s father came up with an idea.

One day, his father gave him a huge bag of nails. He asked his son to hammer one nail to the fence every time he becomes angry and lose his temper. The little boy found it hilarious and accepted to do what his father said.

The nails drove him to hammer in the fence for 30 times in the first day! Every time he lost his temper, he ran to fence and hammered a nail. In the next few days, the number of nails hammered on the fence was reduced to half. The little boy found it very difficult to hammer the nails and decided to control his temper.

Gradually, the number of nails hammered to fence was reduced and the day arrived where the fence was not hammered! Yes, the boy did not lose his temper. He told his father that it was several days and he did not lose temper and hammered any nail!

Now, his father told him to remove the nails every day that he was controlled his anger. Several days passed and the boy was able to pull out most of the nails from the fence. However, there remained a few nails that the boy could not pull out.

The boy told is father about the same.  The father appreciated him and asked him? ‘what you see there?’ pointing to a hole!

The boy replied, ‘a hole in the fence!’ 

He told the boy, “the nails were your bad temper and it was hammered on people. You can remove the nails but still see the holes in the fence. Again, you cannot pull out few nails. The fence never looked the same! It has scars all over! You can stab a man with a knife, but the wound will remain for there ever. Your bad temper and anger was like that! Words are more painful than physical abuse! Use it for good. Use it to embrace the relationships. Use it to show your heart!”

Inappropriate verbal usage cause permanent marks than physical one!

Show kindness and sweetness in your words!

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