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Qualities Of A Good Teacher

How should a teacher look?

A professional appearance

What does this mean? Be well-dressed. If you are teaching in a developed locality, a city like Kochi for example, make sure you are wearing a ‘professional-looking’ outfit – whether it is your traditional attire or modern attire. Students want to look up to teachers in everything. Even the clothes you wear make a statement about you. Choose the clothes you wear to the class very carefully. The same goes for accessories such as your handbag, your ornaments if any and your footwear. Also, the make-up you wear and you’re your hair is done. Please do not use too many ornaments or too much makeup. Just wear the minimum, and do not overdo it. Whatever you do, be neat and tidy in appearance. Believe me, smudged eyeliners and lipstick, and messy hair immediately give the impression that you are a disorganized person. Children are very, very observant. Be well-dressed at all times.

What should a teacher wear?

There are some schools that insist on a certain dress code for teachers, much like the school uniform for students. Some teachers resent it, but others welcome such rules. If your school does not have such a rule, and you can wear whatever you want, dress according to what is generally considered to be a respectable attire in the local culture. Do not ever wear too casual clothes, or overly fashionable clothes. If the school insists that you wear a saree, practise wearing a saree till you are an expert in it, and you can wear it elegantly and neatly. If you can wear a ‘salwar kameez’ or ‘churidhar’, make sure that your ‘dupatta’ is neatly pinned and in place at all times. If you can wear shirt and trousers, make sure you choose good quality ones. Whatever you wear, dress in such a way that you do not attract attention to the clothes or your looks more than your teaching. Your students will respect you for that. All this does not mean that a teacher should wear expensive clothes. It means that what you wear should be of good quality, well-ironed and neat-looking. In the case of men, if the school insists of male teachers wearing a tie, exercise your good sense to choose a tie that suits your outfit.

A pleasant appearance

This means that however tired you are, upset or angry, when you enter a class, you have to look pleasant, happy and kind. When you are happy, it radiates to your students, and uplifts their mood too. In fact, once you decide to be pleasant and happy for your students, you will find that you are actually happy inside. A happy teacher usually has happy students, because happiness usually is contagious. It is reported that in the country Finland (which is considered to have one of the best educational systems in the world), it is accepted that happy teachers are better teachers, and happy students are better learners.

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