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Should Fast Food Restaurants Be Banned?

Isn’t fast food delicious? Aren’t fast food restaurants trendy? Aren’t they cool? The answer to all these questions is yes.

However, there is growing evidence that fast food is one of the worst components of modern life. In fact, studies have long shown that the burgers, the fried chicken, and the nuggets that we so much enjoy in the ultra-cozy and trendy fast food joints can cause a variety of health problems. Obesity, heart problems, malnutrition, high blood pressure, depression and certain types of cancer can be caused by a frequent diet of fast food. In children, fast food consumption has been linked to lower academic achievement also.

Why are fast food restaurants so attractive?

Their service is fast. Their staff are friendly and very smart-looking in their neatly pressed and bright uniforms. Moreover, most fast food restaurants are located very conveniently, near places that people frequent. It is so very easy to just grab a burger and eat on the way to work. Fast food is often so conveniently packed that they will not cause a mess even if you stand up and eat it, or if you do not have a table to place it. Fast food restaurants are also very clean and inviting. Most importantly, when you sit inside a KFC or a McDonald’s, don’t you feel that you are someone very ‘cool’? A lot of strategic and clever advertising has given these fast food restaurants the image that they are the trendiest places available in town. There is no denying this attractiveness.

It is such a pity that such attractive places are selling junk food!

Is there a way to make our trips to fast food restaurants be guilt-free? Can fast food restaurants be transformed into special places where you get the best possible, healthiest, organic and fresh food? Can they serve us tasty salads and fresh juice? Can they avoid giving us soft drinks and sugary cocktails? Can they serve us coconut water and fat free milkshakes?

Well, why not?

As people become more aware of the health risks that fast food causes, it is quite likely that fast food restaurants may go out of fashion. It may happen sooner than later.

Therefore, instead of banning fast food restaurants, a better idea may be to persuade them to change their menu! Fast food restaurants can be the pioneers of a healthy food revolution. They can be places to go to, when you want to eat something that will actually be good for your body. If they could combine healthy food with their signature speed of delivery, delicious flavours and trendy ambience, well, that will be the next best thing on earth for the human species!

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