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In the age of Information and Communication Technology revolution, teachers can use technological products that increase their productivity multifold. In a technologically empowered classroom, students are more curious and enthusiastic. Technology, used in the right way, is a powerful tool for educators in their profession.

Below given are seven most effective apps for teachers.


1. Zipgrade

Teachers spend a lot of their time marking and grading the answer papers of students. What if this grading process is made easier and more efficient? Zipgrade turns your tablet or smart phone into a grading machine. With Zipgrade, teachers are able to create and print out assignments, and later grade them by scanning the papers with the camera on their smart phone. What it takes is just the alignment of the squares on the app with the squares on the grading sheet.


2. WriteAbout

There are many students who have great difficulty in writing, particularly in a foreign language. There are other students who love to write, but lack proper direction or a platform to showcase their writing. WriteAbout solves these problems. WriteAbout is an app that provides a platform where students can write and get feedback from one another, and their teachers. It also gives the option of publishing the finished work. Teachers can effectively mentor students through the process, and give suggestions and feedback.


3. Emaze

Emaze is an app that helps teachers to create brilliant presentations, synthesizing the content that students have learnt into interrelated units. Students can also use this tool to express what they have learnt by making their own presentations. Teachers can track students’ progress by checking these presentations. What makes Emaze especially useful is that it works on various devices and allows sharing.


4. paper.li

This app is the solution to a problem that infects so many classrooms – boredom. Paper.li helps users to collect knowledge from various sources and present to students in engaging ways such as through newsletters. Teachers can use this app to make their classes lively and engaging.


5. Kaizena

One of the main responsibilities of the teaching job is to give feedback to students. Often, when large numbers of students are involved, it is a laborious and time-consuming process. Kaizena is an add-on for Google Docs that lets teachers give feedback to students through the Kaizena website or Google Docs. Teachers have the option of giving voice feedback, instead of typing it out.


6. Edmodo

Edmodo has been around for a while, but is always the go-to app as a social platform for educators, students and their parents. It is a sort of online social media platform where teachers can have accounts and invite students and their parents to connect with them. It can be used for discussions, information transfer and online collaboration.


7. Versal

This is a great app for teachers who would like to create courses for their students, by themselves. The app lets you upload videos, 3D models, interactive timelines and various other content, both existing and imported from elsewhere.

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