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School Stress

School is considered as a huge stress for children. There are hardly a handful of children that are happy to go to school every day without throwing tantrums. For various reasons, even for silly reasons, children consider school as a nightmare.

Tips on how to overcome school stress. Watch this space every day to get handy tips for your children to get rid of the stress associated with school and make them happy kids.

Causes of School Stress

Before we look at how to overcome school stress, let us see what causes school stress. You would be very much surprised to know the causes of school stress. But it is impossible to ignore these small aspects.

Inferiority is the major cause of school stress. Children develop inferiority complex due to many reasons.

  • Not having adequate school supplies
  • Feeling inferior about uniform or old style clothes
  • Not carrying fashionable items as carried by other children, for instance, bags, lunch box, etc.

Poor performance is another factor that triggers school stress.
Poor performance in terms of:

  • Academics
  • Lack of interest in sports or poor performance in sports
  • Inability to perform well in co-curricular activities
  • Not completing homework
  • Turning up to school late very often

School Stress – Symptoms – How should you take it?

Earlier, we have seen the causes of school stress. Now, let us look at the symptoms of school stress. These symptoms are more likely to appear suddenly in your children.

  • Irritating or different behavior
  • Lack of attention, sleep, etc.
  • Depression
  • Inability to concentrate on many things
  • Ignoring or avoiding school

In addition, your children may start lying.

It is a very common tendency that many parents ignore the fact that their child could be stressed. Alternatively, a few parents would simply advice the kids to tolerate it for some time and say, ‘everything will be fine dear!’ A few smart children never hesitate to express their concerns to the parents. You should remember not to take too  sluggishly or too seriously. Moreover, without proper understanding, don’t yell at your child. Give them a patient hearing. Listen to your children. Most problems faced by children can be sorted if parents listen to them or if parents inquire about them patiently.

School Stress – How to overcome - I

Well, you have understood the possible causes of school stress. The simplest way to overcome the school stress is obviously reducing or completely eliminating the factors that cause stress. For instance, talking to the school teacher, when the child is bullied; motivating the child to concentrate on other elements if the child cannot excel in, say sports; etc.

To put it simply, as responsible parents, don’t over expect from your child!

School Stress – How to overcome school stress – II

  • Provide healthy and nutritious meals
  • Let your child have adequate sleep
  • Don’t force the child to do something that he/ she is not interested in
  • Don’t simply commit your child for everything you want to do
  • Help them assess their skills, talents, and their strengths
  • Spend some time with your child, talk to them and have fun

Improve Concentration

Your child lacks concentration? Try these simple tips to improve concentration.

  • Prepare a schedule and stick to a daily routine
  • Assure comfortable study environment without any disturbances
  • Break is essential, 10 minutes break for an hour of study
  • Write and write – writing is twice as effective as reading
  • Finish the difficult ones first and keep the easier ones to the last

Free for a Day

Let them free for a day!

Okay, everyone needs a break from the routine work. The small break refreshes and rejuvenates your body and mind, which is applicable to kids too. It is good to follow a routine to let your child grow with discipline. However, too much is dangerous and frees your child from the routine practices for a day.

Be a model to your children

Most kids copy their parents! Kids are great imitators. Why not use it in a positive way? Use this ‘Carbon Copy’ attitude of kids to educate them.

Children love to be replicas of their mom and dad in the early years. Show them what they should learn by learning them yourselves. Be a model to your children, demonstrate how to study, show up yourself as enthusiastic and motivate them. They will replicate what they learn from you.

Let your kid be a Carbon Copy!

Eat Alphabets

We all yearn for healthy and active children! What should we do? It is simple!

Let your child eat alphabets! Yes, alphabets. Make sure your child gets adequate amounts of Vitamins, A, B, C, D, E, K etc., everyday. Feed them vitamin rich foods, a whole nutritious diet, which alleviates the worry about health concerns in kids.

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