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Bring positive impression and well shaped kids

Children are like raw clay or wet cement. We can mould them as we like and leave the impression of what we are on them. Place your palms on wet cement, the cement shows the impression of your palms! You can make varieties of toys with raw clay and shape them beautifully, or simply throw it in the garbage! Kids are like that. Parents play a significant role in making or breaking a child.

Prepare everything beforehand to avoid chaos

In most homes, chaos breaks out when the child runs searching for notebooks or shoes or the school tie. Busy mornings end up creating a terrible storm in the house. Plan and prepare for everything from having books according to timetable to polished shoes and neat uniform, the previous evening, before going to bed. This eases the morning and it will be very pleasant to get ready to school.

Finger cutting knife – Abstract Memory

Kids have abstract memory. They absorb things and their brain registers what they see and hear.

Let us look at the short story of  a kid who asked for a knife to cut the vegetables just like his mom was doing. His mom warned him saying,’ It cuts your finger!’ The boy registered it as the finger cutting knife, in his brain. When he was taken shopping, he saw a knife in the shop. A lady was purchasing it and he shouted, ‘Don’t buy this, it is the finger cutting knife, it cuts your finger!’

This is how a child’s brain stores everything!

It is a good way to educate children through visuals and experimentation. Visual memory is retained for longer time than other forms.

Education isn’t Everything!

Schools are opened and everyone has moved back into their own schedules, running ahead with skating shoes tied on their legs! Here is a word to the parents. Education, especially school studies and academics isn’t everything, although it matters a lot! Don’t push and force your child to score higher and higher in academics.

Don’t Postpone

Postponing things isn’t a healthy habit, especially when it comes to education. If you have missed a couple of classes or went on a holiday for a few days, rush immediately to cover all the missed classes, notes and homework. This will reduce the burden of taking more lessons in a short time.

Roll Call

Brushing up the skills to study isn’t a difficult task. Irrespective of the everything, you will attend school every day. Attendance and punctuality are important aspects of schooling, which help you climb the ladder of knowledge. By just attending all classes attentively you may be able to get pass marks in your exams. So don’t miss classes as far as possible. It may even help you overcome hurdles in subjects that you find difficult. Getting extra help from parents and teachers will make a huge difference and help you score good marks.

No rules for studies

Everyone has their own studying style and method. If you step into the shoes of the others you may find that they don’t fit you right! Similarly, your friend may have had the habit of studying amidst noise, but you may need a quiet and peaceful ambiance. While your sister is in the habit of reading aloud, you are happy reading quietly. So there is no hard and fast rules to studying and don’t limit yourself any such restrictions.

Ask somebody to question you

How do you know that you have studied well? Ask somebody to question you or hear your answers. Most students love group studies because of the interaction, but many fail to excel in studies simply due to distractions! Make your study time an interactive one and let somebody ask you questions. If you don’t want to get questioned, get a question paper and solve the questions.

Learn more through teaching

Have you ever wondered how your teachers remember each and every phrase they teach and explain them effortlessly? This is a good old technique, yet very useful for high school students. The best way to remember things is to teach them. Teaching makes wonders and it is an easy way to study difficult subjects. Teaching is nothing but exchanging information and interaction. Join one or more friends and teach them. The more you teach and explain, the more you remember.

Need small distractions

Yes, you need little and simple distractions when you study. It doesn’t mean getting disturbed by external factors or wavering thoughts. Simple distractions are nothing but looking away from your books and notebooks, and have a glance at something else! Look at anything like a doll or your pen or anything you want, which gives you instant relaxation from studies. Have such small distractions at hand and take small breaks once in half an hour!

You are late for school!

Are you late for school on most days? These may be the reasons.

  • You don’t finish all your homework the previous night and rush it up in the mornings
  • You sleep late night watching television and hassled about getting ready for school
  • You are not organized with your books and other school materials, example, your shoes are not polished, your uniform is not ready, etc.

Study Time

Studying patterns for children are very unique as they are. A few children tend to study in an atmosphere of pin-drop silence, while a few are never bothered even in a ‘fish market’ atmosphere.

Similarly, studying time also varies. There are many children who tend to study up all the night and fall asleep at midnight or early morning. Alternatively, some children never study at night, they wake up early in the morning, and go for it.

Learn from your kids about their preference and give them what they require. Don’t try to alter their innate qualities by force. It might have a detrimental effect on them.

Study at your best time

Study when you're most alert. If you're a morning person, get up an hour earlier and study. If you prefer to stay up late at night, study during this time.

Learn Arts

Do you want your kid to become a Doctor, an Engineer, a Chartered Accountant, Or a Pilot or whatever else? You should never ignore or obstruct your child from learning arts and developing interest in arts. Learning arts has many positive attributes to overall growth of children.

Why Arts?

  • It unleashes creativity
  • Improves motor skill
  • Helps develop language skill
  • Aids visual learning
  • Enhances decision making capacity
  • Improves concentration and memory
  • Creates awareness about various aspects not covered in the curriculum

Merely numbers, alphabets, words and formulae make your child a book worm.


This is one of the crucial aspects that is overlooked by many parents. Minimizing distraction is very important!

Knowingly or unknowingly, many of us distract the children while studying. Talking to them, watching television, listening to music, friends, mobile, internet, chatting with neighbors etc distract them very easily.

Remember to switch off the television when the children study. Also, put mobile phones on silent mode. Pleasant and calm atmosphere improves the concentration of kids.

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