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The Adventures of Sinbad

The Adventures of Sinbad

Sinbad was a young man from Baghdad who inherited a fortune from his father. Sadly, he wasted every penny.

So he went to sea to make money. He boarded a trading ship and on its first voyage the crew set ashore on a beautiful island. They lit a fire to camp for the night.

Suddenly the whole island began to shake.

‘Run!’ yelled the captain. ‘This is no island but a huge whale. It has been sleeping so long that trees have grown on it. It is going to dive into the depths of the sea.’

The sailors ran for the ship but Sinbad did not make it. The whale dived deep, the ship sailed off and Sinbad had to cling to a barrel. He drifted for days until he landed safely on an island.

On another adventure he was on a merchant ship that dropped anchor in a bay of a desert island. Far in the distance was a white dome and as they got nearer they could see it was a huge egg.

Sinbad warned the merchants not to touch the egg, but they broke it and took out the chick. As they put the chick in their cooking pot, the sky grew dark.

A huge and horrible bird, the roc, was attacking them to save its child.

They all fled back to the ship but the furious mother roc seized a giant boulder in her talons and dropped it from the clouds, smashing a hole in their vessel. The ship sank like a stone.

Sinbad had seven action-packed voyages in all. Eventually he earned his fortune and returned to Baghdad to live a life of ease and pleasure.

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