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Old man with plants

The Figs and Gold Coins

Once upon a time, there lived a wise and witty old man. He was so courageous and fond of nature. He celebrated his 100th birthday with his entire family. He had an amazing habit of planting a tree every year on his birthday. He used to plant a variety of flower bearing trees and fruit bearing trees. He was having a massive garden in his home. To celebrate the century, he planted a fig plant, his most favorite fruit.

The emperor who passed by his home was surprised to see this old man planting a fig tree. He asked his soldier to bring the old man to his court and enquired him!

Dear old man, I was pleased and surprised as you were planting a fig tree! I wish you could have planted the fig tree when you were young. I guess you are now in your 90s and there is no hope that you shall taste the fruits from this tree

The old man replied, ‘My Lord, yes I knew it. I’m 100 years old now. I just planted the fig tree to celebrate by 100th birthday. And this is not the first tree I’m planting. I have planted more than 1000 trees in my whole life! I still have faith and hope that I shall live for a minimum of 10 years to taste the fruits borne by this tree after a decade. If not, I will let my tree to be enjoyed by my family! ’

The emperor was happy and hugged the old man. He said, ‘You are such an adorable person. Just come back to me if you are alive after years with a basket of figs. I would love to see you again!’

The old man thanked the emperor and left the place.

After a decade, the fig tree started to ripe fruits. The old man was happy and tasted the first ripen fruit. It was very delicious. The old man recalled the king’s words and picked the choicest fruits, filled a basked and carried to the palace.

The king was informed that an old man came with a basket of figs. The king recalled the words he uttered to the old man and happily welcomed him. He enjoyed the figs provided by the old man. The king ordered his minister to fill the basket with gold coins and asked his soldiers to drop the old man to his home. The old man was happy!

Hard work and hope will always be honored.

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