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Kids Educational Set 2 - Baby and Kids Learning DVD

Review of Kids Educational Set 2 - Baby and Kids Learning DVD

Kids educational set 2, the video series released as part 2, subsequent to the release of basic education series.

The video series contains 5 DVDs explaining about learning many important aspects of life. The set of 5 DVDs truly educate the children, videos combined with entertainment and joyful learning. The videos run for 215 minutes. The videos are portrayed to let the kids learn with ease.

The videos are about good manners, maintaining hygiene, smart activities, building confidence, etc. Also, kids need a lot of interactive and smart games to explore the world and widen their knowledge. This video series is a pack of these elements explained colorfully and beautifully in a simple way.

The five part of DVD videos are categorized as follows:

Learning Good Manners

Sharing, caring, simple activities that demonstrate the child to develop good manners, etc.

Activities for smart kids to make them smarter!

The second series explore the world of kids, allow them find causes, solutions, identify consequences, appreciations, etc.

A colorful world!

The kids are taken into the world of colours and learn all shapes, colours, objects, etc.

A fun-filled learning!

The exciting part of the video series narrates about drawing, painting, developing literary skills, etc.

Helping Mom

Fifth section is all about developing helping tendency, maintaining discipline, self esteem, safety, etc.

Education isn’t everything for kids. There is a colorful world and life besides school education. Beyond writing and reading, kids need a lot more to learn and follow in their life.

The negative aspect would be, children cannot learn everything through videos! Practical application is must to follow the discipline!

A good DVD series for kids to develop good habits and let them explore their little world.

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