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We feel safe in our home. It protects us from the heat of the Sun, rain, storm, and thieves. But there are some accidents which can happen to us even when we are at home if we are not careful. We can keep ourselves safe at home by following some simple safety rules:

  • We should not put our hand or finger in a running pedestal fan.
  • We should not play with sharp objects such as scissors, knives, screwdrivers, and blades. We may cut ourselves accidently. We must always ask an elder to help us use them.
  • We should not leave our toys, books, shoes, and bags on the floor. Our parents, friends, siblings or anyone may trip over them and fall.
  • While using the bathroom we should be careful in case the floor of the bathroom is wet, as we may slip and fall.
  • There are several shampoos, detergents, and other things kept in a bathroom. We must always ask our parents before touching any of these objects.
  • We should not touch hot pans, utensils or hot water. We should stay away from gas stoves and ovens. Our hands or any other parts of our body may get burnt.
  • We should not touch electrical switches with wet hands. We may get an electric shock.
  • We should not run up and down on the stairs or escalators. We may fall and get hurt.
  • We should never taste medicines or any unknown things kept in the kitchen or fridge. They might be dangerous for us and may not be meant for eating.
  • We must on lean on the window or balcony because we might fall. Balconies are not meant for playing. We must always play inside the house.
  • We must only play in the garden or in our room and not run everywhere around the house. If we run around the house, we might knock ourselves with the edges of the furniture and hurt ourselves.

Safety on the road

A lot of accidents can happen on the road as there are many different types of fast-moving vehicles such as cars, buses, bikes, and trucks which can hurt us if we are not careful. So, we must be extra careful on the road and follow traffic rules to avoid accidents. Here are some things that we must follow when we are out on the roads:

  • We should know the meanings of all three traffic lights. When the light is red, we need to stop; when it is yellow it means we need to wait; when the light is green, we need to go.
  • We should always cross the road at the zebra crossing. Before crossing the road, we must first look to our right, then to our left, and then to our right again. We should cross the road only when it is clear. We may also use a subway to go to the other side.
  • Don’t cross the road alone. We must always let an elder accompany us when we want to cross the road.
  • We should never run while crossing the road. We should always walk at a normal pace.
  • We should not use a mobile phone, wear earphones or use any other gadget while on the road. This is because our eyes and ears need to be focused on the traffic rather than anywhere else.
  • We should never play on the road. Roads are not for playing.
  • We should not walk on the road. We should always use the footpath to walk.
  • If you are in a car, never put your hand or any other part of your body out of the car. This is because another car or bus might hit you and you may get very hurt.
  • Make sure that you wear your seatbelt when you are in the car.
  • If you are riding your bicycle, always wear a helmet and check if the brakes are working and if the tyres have enough air before starting out.
  • Do not ride on busy streets alone. Always ride your bicycle near your house or go with an elder.

Safety in the classroom

The classroom is another place we need to be very careful in as we spend a lot of time in the classroom every day.

  • We should not climb on the desks in the classroom. We may fall and get hurt.
  • We should always use a sharpener to sharpen our pencil. We should not use a blade.
  • We should not push anyone while coming in or going out of the classroom.