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Pushes and Pulls

When you kick a football you are using a push.

Pushes and Pulls

When you tug on a rope, you are using a pull.

Rope pulling

Pushes and pulls play an important role in everyday life. We use pushes and pulls when we move a shopping cart, wash a car and open or close a door.

In some activities, we use pushes. In some other activities, we use pulls. Some activities such as rowing and writing use both pushing and pulling.

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Pushes and pulls can move objects in different ways. When you throw a basketball, for example, it starts to move. When you catch a basketball, it stops moving.

An object that is not moving will only start to move when it is pushed or pulled.

A push or pull can start an object moving.

A push or pull can also stop a moving object.

When a push or pull starts an object moving, it will keep moving in the same direction until another push or pull stops it or changes its direction.

When an object is pushed or pulled in the same direction it is moving, it can move faster.

A push or pull can also slow down a moving object.

A push or pull can change the direction in which an object is moving.

A push or pull can also change the shape of an object.

A force is a push or pull. When you apply force, and push on both sides of a ball, its shape changes. When you squeeze, twist, bend, or stretch something, you are applying force.

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