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Four Seasons

Learn science online! We do enjoy various seasons and climates don’t we? How do these seasons change? Let us read and find out?

Four Seasons

Do you know what four seasons are?
 » Summer
 » Autumn
 » Winter
 » Spring

Every one of you has a favorite season. Have you ever thought about what causes the changes in the atmosphere?

I guess you probably know that since Earth rotates each day, we get day and night. When the earth faces the sun, it is bright and when the earth turns back opposing the sun, it is dark! This is the daily job of the earth, to rotate on its axis.

In addition, the earth revolves around the sun, and takes a year to complete one circle. The earth spins and moves around the sun. As a result, the relation to earth with sun, viz., the position and distance changes.

When the earth tilts towards the Sun, the more heat from the Sun causes summer. When the earth spins far away from Sun, it causes winter. The distance between Earth and Sun in the orbit causes changes in the season and changes the climate.

Surprisingly, not all countries / places in the earth have same seasons everywhere. When it is freezing winter in America, it will be summer in Brazil. When it is winter in Australia, it will be still summer or end of summer in India.

What happens when the earth does not rotate?

Simple! There will not be any change in the climates and we will have same season all round the year.

Some interesting facts about seasons:

  • June 21 is the longest day of the year and December 22 is the longest night of the year. It is because; the Earth moves very close towards the summer on 21 June and is called as Summer Solstice. Alternatively, earth moves far away from the Sun, called as Winter Solstice.
  • While there are four seasons, many countries have 6 seasons called in traditional names.
  • There are few places on the earth where seasonal changes do not affect the climate much. Simply, the season remains the same all the year. The plants remain green throughout the year or there will be snow or rain throughout the year.
  • Season changes affect the plant kingdom. Plants and tree shed their leaves due to changes in season.
  • While extreme summer is hard for people, winter is difficult time for animals. Animals struggle to find food during winter. Most of the animals tend to sleep more in winter.

Every season has exclusive fruits and vegetable. Eating those seasonal fruits and veggies more in the respective season makes you healthier.

So, tell me, what is your favorite season, and why you like it?

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