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Homonyms, Homographs and Homophones

Most of you may know synonyms and antonyms. Do you know what homonyms are? There are more interesting things in the English language like homographs and homophones too. I am so excited, I can’t wait to tell you about them!

Homonyms refer to words that have the same spelling or those that sound the same, but have different meanings.

Homographs refer to words that have similar spelling but sound different and have different meanings.

Homophones refer to words that sound similar but have different meanings and different spelling.

All homophones and homographs are homonyms.

Homonym - Homographs

Lead – A metal
Lead – to take charge

Wind – movement of air
Wind – Twist, coil, to turn around an object

Bow – of the Bow and Arrow
Bow – bend low as a show of respect
Bow – a knot tied with a ribbon

Back – reverse or rear
Back – Support

Book – document, manuscript
Book - reserve

Reserve – Shyness
Reserve – book in advance, as in reservation

Flower – Part of a tree
Flower – Flourish, bloom

Homonym – Homophones

Pray, Prey
Pray – Prayer
Prey – food

Two, Too
Two – Dual, double, number two
Too – addition, as well, besides

Flour, Flower
Flour – Powdered form of grains
Flower – part of a plant or tree

Buy, Bye
Buy – Purchase
Bye – Say goodbye, adieu

Fare, Fair
Fare – Cost, charge, ticket price
Fair – Beautiful, light tone

Serial, Cereal
Serial – Consecutive, eg: a tele-serial
Cereal – grains

Genes, Jeans
Genes – genetic code, DNA
Jeans – A type of pants

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