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Worksheet 2 – Listening and understanding

1) The teacher or parent gives a few commands, and the children perform the activities. The commands should be simple, and spoken accurately with acceptable pronunciation. The activity ends when the teacher has given a command to every student in the class and they have all performed the corresponding action. Examples of commands are given below.

  • John, please open the door.
  • Carmen, please bring your book here.
  • Dan, please close that window.
  • Annette, please open your book.

2) The teacher/parent writes words that are often confused with each other, on the board. The words are numbered 1 and 2. Then he/she utters one of the words. The child is asked to say which word was spoken. Possible word pairs are given below.

| ship/sheep | sit/seat | can/cane | desk/disk | not/note | bat/but | fast/first | bad/bed | so/saw | fan/van | sea/she | with/whiff | sip/ship | ship/chip |

Note: This activity can be made more interesting for small children by giving pictures corresponding to the two words wherever possible. For example, if the children are provided with the pictures of a ship and a sheep, when the teacher utters the word, they can hold up the corresponding picture.

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