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Worksheet-1 : Brief pair conversations

This activity can be done with a group of learners in a classroom or any other place where there is enough space to move around.

Each learner has to walk about and find at least one person who was born in the same month as himself, within ten minutes. Clearly, this means that the learners have to ask each other questions, to get the information. The teacher is advised to give instructions clearly that communication should be strictly in English. A sample question and answer can be given by the teacher as follows.

Learner A: Hi, in which month were you born?
Learner B: Hi, I was born in the month of February. How about you?
Leaner A: I was born in September.

At the end of ten minutes, everyone gets back to their own seats, and the teacher asks each one how many people they could manage to find who were born in the same month as him or her.

Variation 1

This activity can be turned into an interesting game in which each learner scores one point for every person he/she finds with the same birth month. At the end of the stipulated time, the person with the most scores is the winner.

Variation 2

This activity can be done with other prompts such as:
‘Find someone who
... has the same favourite colour as you.
... has the same number of siblings as you.
... had the same breakfast as you had this morning.
... has the same hobby as you.’

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