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1. Self-introduction (speaking skills)

At the beginning of the academic year, with a completely new set of learners at a relatively advanced level of proficiency, the self-introduction activity is a good choice. Each student is asked to come prepared to introduce him/herself to the class. The teacher may give ideas as to what should be included in the introduction.

The components of this self-introduction could be as follows.
a. Name
b. Native place
c. Current place of stay (if different from native place)
d. Current course of study (if different from others)
e. Hobbies and interests
f. Future plans
g. Feelings about learning English, difficulties experienced and so on.

2. Express yourself (speaking skills)

Students are asked to prepare a four-minute talk on a subject they care about. Each week, the teacher selects a name randomly, and that student must prepare his/her talk for the following week. The student has to face the class as he/she talks.

At the end of the talk, the other students can ask questions based on it, or express their feelings about the ideas expressed. Students should be encouraged to prepare and try out the talk before the actual presentation in front of the class. They should be reminded that the talk should not exceed four minutes.

Sample topics:
a. Explaining a technique to do something. For example, how to repair a punctured tyre.
b. Describing an interesting experience. For example, a picnic the student enjoyed.
c. Persuading other students to take a particular course of action. For example, giving reasons for recycling plastic bottles.
d. Describing a hobby. For example, describing how to play chess.

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