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Children’s humor and different meanings for the word party.

A single word can have multiple meanings in the English Language. Today, let us learn about the different terms for the word “party.”

Party and the Variations

We all love to celebrate! If there is a small or big reason, we celebrate. Whether it is a weekend party, a birthday party, vacation party, wedding party, or even a graduation party, we love to celebrate.

Did you know that parties celebrated for different reasons, under different concepts, are named differently? Let us learn about the different terms that we commonly refer to for a party.

A Masquerade

Masquerade was a famous form of party in the prehistoric days. People of ancient period wore masks to cover their faces and disguise themselves in colorful dresses to attend the parties. This party is more seen in many movies. One of the lavish and luxurious parties in the world.


Almost similar to a masquerade, but with no masks. However, people spend their leisure celebrating with friends in a grandeur manner.

A Fete

An auspicious family get-together is termed as Fete. To give a few examples, a christening ceremony, a baby naming ceremony, a baby shower or birthday parties or a wedding. Food is a major part of this form of party.

A Clambake

It is a typical form of party celebrated for every reason, but with a major difference. The party venue would likely be an open space, anywhere in the garden, or even on a terrace. The party seems like a picnic. Food plays a major part of Clambake, for example, a barbecue in the open space!

A Prom

A Promenade or Prom! The typical farewell party organized at schools and colleges to celebrate their graduation is now known as a PROM! Prom dresses, Prom fashion, etc., are popular.

A Salon

Don’t mistake it for a beauty salon or a hair salon! Salon means a party, where people meet to discuss, communicate and spend some quality time. Politicians, professionals, artisans, often organize a salon; spend quality time and the party ends on a happy note!

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