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Do you know what a Gecko is? It is nothing but a lizard! Most of the Kids, from young babies to primary school students love the Gecko’s crawling on the wall! In fact, the younger ones love to watch the movements of the Geckos. This eBook feature the Geckos and their activities in different places. It is narrated as a child who is talking to you and telling his favorite Gecko.

There was a beautiful green Gecko on the wall. The Gecko used to watch the boy quietly and he was a good friend.

Next is about a Gecko on a rock! She wore a beautiful red frock and invited the boy to have some tea.

Third Gecko is about the one who is enjoying the sun bath in a pool! This gecko looked so beautiful and stylish with lemonade wearing the sunglasses!

The fourth gecko was lying on a roof wearing blue dress.

The boy saw four different geckos and thought about the different activities and appearances of the geckos. However, the boy liked and loved the first gecko he saw on the wall!

The words are weaved beautifully to form a tune and sing as a beautiful rhyme.

The gecko on a rock in a frock! The gecko looking cool in a pool! Etc…

This is a very simple rhythmic eBook featuring the common act of kids, who get surprised at watching geckos on the wall and ceiling!

This is a read along story and you ask your child to read together with you if your child struggles.

Now, you can create an activity for your child! Geckos are easily noticeable and let the child search for geckos and watch the activities.

Written by the famous child book author Danielle Bruckert and is known for his simple style of writing featuring the simple, everyday concepts in life. Easy and colorful strokes of painting! The pictures make the eBook look more attractive. Every activity of the geckos is beautifully pictured.

Now tell me who your favorite gecko you read in this eBook is! A gecko on the wall or a gecko in the pool or gecko on the roof or a gecko in the red frock!

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