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Elly and Aargh is a funny story given in an ebook format. This story is all about how an innocent dinosaur and her strange tail saved herself and the lives of her brothers. You will definitely love the story and kids would enjoy it.

Once upon a time, there lived four dinosaurs, three male and a female. They were not a proper dinosaur, but a species of dinosaur called Ankylosaurs. Ankylosaurs have thorn like structures on them, not too big as a dinosaur. They are a big sized crocodile, with bony thorns. Since the thorns on them are too heavy, they cannot move faster or run. They just waddle, like swinging back and forth, moves slowly like a snail!

The four ankylosaurs were siblings and named, Kenny, Benny, Lenny and Elly. Elly was the youngest. Elly has a different feature when compared to her brothers. The brothers noticed a big flower like bump at the end of the tail in Elly, where the tails of other ankylosaurs were normal. The unique tail is a bit heavy and it hurts the others who stand nearby Elly.

Every time, Elly wag her tail, it hit the other ankylosaurs. While other brothers told her about this unique addition in her tail, Elly could not see her tail! She tried very hard to see how her tail looks, but in vain.

Since elly’s tail continuously hurt Kenny, Benny and Lenny, they decided not to play with Elly. Yet, Elly wants to play with them. They found a solution and decided to play hide and seek, so that Elly would hide and the tail won’t hurt them.

While the brothers hide themselves, Elly saw a dinosaur called Aargh. It was a real dinosaur. Unaware that Aargh is wandering for his food, Elly tried to befriend him. Aargh understood Elly’s innocence and decided to make Elly and her brothers his prey! Elly, who was playing hide and seek found all her brothers and introduced Aargh to them. Kenny, Benny and Lenny knew about Aargh.

They feared that Aargh might kill them. However, Elly saves them all with her innocence. The rest of the story is narrated with full of humor and act of innocence.

Read the story narrated with clear and vivid images of the ankylosaurs and the dinosaur!

The story ends on a funny tone. It is narrated in an easy language and appropriate pictures. A must read ebook for kids.

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