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Welcome to the collection of World Famous Nursery Rhymes – Vol 2 for children. Here is the sequel to the colorful collection of nursery rhymes for kids, volume 2.

Missed the volume 1 rhymes ? Read and enjoy here.

Here we go for the second volume.

This eBook has some familiar nursery rhymes for kids. It has more than 20 short, medium and long rhymes. Each rhyme has beautiful pictures.

Some of the rhymes include,
Hush a Bye Baby – It is about a baby in a cradle hanged on a tree top.
Sing a Song of Sequence
Little Tom Tucker – A four liner short rhyme
Georgie Porgie – A very short rhyme
I Saw a Ship Sailing – A beautiful rhyme written with rhythmic words
There was an Old Woman
Boys and Girls – A happy song about boys and girls playing and many more.

Most of the kids know this all-time favorite rhyme, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!’

The rhyme is known as a single verse poem with four lines! Do you know the lengthy version of this rhyme? You can read here. This favorite rhyme has 16 lines divided into four verses. Interesting isn’t it?

The collection of rhymes is not just meant for entertaining, but has nice morals and essential values for kids. Mary had a Little Lamb is an example. Old Mother Hubbard is a hilarious rhyme.

It is about a pet dog and his master, an old lady.

And we have some of your favorite rhymes in different color!

Ding Dong Bell, Goosey Goosey Gander, Dickery Dickery Dock, Coco-a Doodle Doo, etc.

Every rhyme has the perfectly sketched character! Most of the rhymes feature the animals in different versions.

There was an Old Woman is just a four liner rhyme, but the picture accompanying the rhyme is extraordinary. Don’t miss it.

Make the pastime activity of kids entertaining as well as educational with these colorful nursery rhymes.

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